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Monday, January 28, 2008

Bare Escentuals

I must admit that I have my fair share of "kakikayan" and do have a girly-girl side that enjoys experimenting with make-up. Although I am by no means a make-up junkie or a cosmetics fashionista - I do enjoy wearing what I consider the "basics" of make-up. I can not live without good moisturizing foundation and pressed powder plus I really think that at the very least some blush, eyeshadow, and a natural shade of lipstick is necessary when leaving the house. Well, naturally, it depends where you are headed for the day - but being well-groomed is pretty standard for most places! And I do think that make-up (the right amount and combination) is part of good grooming.

My fascination with make-up started when I was much younger. I remember sitting on the floor of my mom's dressing room watching her get ready to go out. She would work on her hair, carefully apply her make up (never forgetting to press and blot), choose her clothes, select her jewelry and then spritz on perfume. It was always so interesting to watch my mom get ready and I could not wait to try it for myself. When she would leave, I would sit in her chair and play with her brushes and make myself up (of course my "finished" look was more clownish than glamorous).

I was only allowed to wear make-up when I enterred college and had turned 18. Since then I've experimented with many different brands. I started with Almay products (it worked so well on my oily skin). Then I went thru a Shiseido and then a Shu Uemura phase. My mom, sisters and I were convinced that these were the perfect brands for our Asian skin. When I moved to Berkeley, my friends and I were so excited about this then new line called Benefit and even went to the outlet store on 4th Street to stock up. Then I got hooked on Clinique (especially their moisturizing and skin care line). I would spend hours in the Clinique counters at Macys getting makeovers and then buying everything the skin care specialist recommended. I also went thru an Origins and Prescriptives phase. Those were the brands that worked for me. In between were many others but they were shortlived especially those that caused my hyper sensitive skin to redden, dry up, or break out.

Lately, I discovered yet another line that I am absolutely crazy over. It's called Bare Escentuals. Last Christmas, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend got me the starter kit. The kit comes with a moisturizer and skin rejuvinator, various make up brushes, two shades of foundation/concealer, bronzer (which can be used as an eyeshadow too), and a face powder for a finishing touch. It even came with a DVD showing a first time user various tips and techniques when using the products. It was really easy to use - there are three basic steps: "swirl, tap, and buff". I really liked the results too. The look is very natural and and makes your skin look almost glowing. What's even better is that it is good for the skin (so good you can actually sleep with it still on). My hubby (who normally does not like make-up) even complimented me while we went to dinner the other night. And friends at work have noticed it too. This is a really great product and I'm so glad I found it. I plan on ordering starter kits for my mom and sisters too (I really think they'll like it). For those that are curious, here's the link to the website:


joyeee said...

Wow....Im now soo fascinated and at the same time curious about this brand. I've actually heard about it and some of my friends are also trying them... But hearing you rave about this brand...makes me want to try it too!:)

leslie Ty said...

hey jo!!!

like joy...i'm super curious also...i checked the website and super interesting =) can't wait to try this brand =) thanks for the tip =)

jencc said...

i love love love mineral makeup! you should see my makeup kit! i swear, it's making up for lost time. i didn't like be's foundation because the bismuth made me itchy!

i use their glimmers---love them! but i use monave's foundation. check out their blushes, plus valerie beauty as well. lumiere is a popular choice in manila too!