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Friday, January 25, 2008

Here Come the Rains!

The weather the last couple of days has just been beautiful. I'm not being sarcastic. I really love this kind of weather. It's been alternating between heavy downpour, light but steady showers, and overcast, balmy skies. Last night the news had a Weather Advisory saying there was a Tornado Warning (yes, a tornado warning!) in all coastal cities from Malibu to Long Beach (Torrance was one of the cities). Luckily that passed without event. Then there are countless flash flood warnings, storm warnings and strong wind advisories. On the news, we saw several cities getting pounded by hail and snow was falling in areas that don't normally get any snow. This certainly does not happen very often in Southern California.

On days like this, I wish I could burrow under the covers and finish the book I've been reading. I wish I were making my mom's Beau Beef Stew and enjoying a hearty bowl with crusty bread. I wish I could sit by the fire and enjoy some hot chocolate (not the instant kind but the one with real pieces of dark chocolate). I wish Jojo and I could just stay in and enjoy a game of Scrabble. I wish I could snuggle on our comfy couch and watch sitcom reruns all day. I wish I could watch the rain pour and listen to the thunder roar from the window by my side of the bed as as I lay all warm and toasty.

But then reality sets in and today I got to enjoy this beautiful weather in a different way ... first, I woke up extra late (it's always nice to sleep in when it's raining), almost froze to death as I got out of the shower, dragged myself to work, got my umbrella blown upside down (resulting in me looking like a wet dog when I stepped in the office), worked 9 hours (facing a blank cubicle wall and not once getting to enjoy the rainy day), stepped in an ankle-high puddle as I trudged to my car (was wearing leather slingbacks and slacks too!), drove home with crazy LA drivers who never seem to know how to drive when the ground is wet, and was welcomed home by our trashcan that the wind toppled over resulting in wet trash lying scattered across the front lawn (we'll get to it when the rain stops!).

Anyway, I won't let that get me down. At least we get to enjoy this weather all weekend long. I only feel bad for those that may be adversely affected by the weather. Everyone whose home is in danger of mudslides, flash floods or hailstorms. I hope homes stay intact and people get thru this with roofs over their heads. I hope the cold weather does not spread any more of the cold and flu virus. I hope drivers out there are careful since the roads are slick with water and ice. I hope that families stay indoors and enjoy this time to bond with each other. I hope everyone has a good weekend and gets to enjoy the weather safely and warmly.


Marc said...
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Marc said...

Rainy season is great! It's relaxing and comforting in my opinion! It's best especially when unwinding in the cosiness of your own home!

I miss the rain! Enjoy your weekend Dets!!!!

jol said...

That was very unusual weather in California. I am glad that you are enjoying whether it is sunny or rainy weather there. You certainly will have a more restful weekend.

joyeee said...

Oh my gosh....your blog is so funny dets!:) I loved the part when you were writing about how your day went...I could just imagine each and every description!:) But I would have to agree with you....dark, rainy, cold weather is the best! Hope you guys had a great weekend!