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Monday, January 14, 2008

Wish List

Every year I work on a Wish List that I post just before the holidays. It's my list of things that I want, hope, dream of some day getting. Most of the items are frivolous and fanciful (hence the term "wish list") and I don't really expect to receive them all (well, it wouldn't hurt!). But to be honest, the "fun part" is in putting the lists together. My only criteria is they have to be somewhat "believable" - meaning there could be a (small, tiny, miniscule) chance of getting at least one of the items. I mean anyone can wish for a billion dollars or a tropical dream house with George Clooney on a private island. But let's get real! Other than that, there are no other limits - they can be anything, from anywhere, or from anyone!

Here's my belated-holiday (but pre-birthday) wish list:

Sony E-Reader – this is the Ipod of the literary world. Rather than downloading songs, you can actually download books! This small (6.9” by 4.9” by .5”) and lightweight (9 ounces) electronic book can hold up to 80 average-size books. Definitely something a bookworm like me would love to have – even if I’m officially a “low-tech” person – that’s what I have Jojo for! =)

Square-shaped Corelle Dinner Set – I’m not sure why but lately I’ve been obsessing about changing our dinnerware into square-shaped plates, bowls, serving sets. I love this Pretty Pink pattern from Corelle! I need a set for 8 (every day) or 16 (dinner parties).

A pair of white Adirondack rocking chairs for our front porch – I can just imagine people-watching with Jojo, sipping lemonade, rocking the afternoon away.

Chocolate-brown, knee length toggle coat – I must have been an Eskimo in my past life cause I love toggle coats with faux fur hoodies.

Leather Armchair and matching Ottoman – I want a comfy chair that’s designated as my “reading chaitr” where I can snuggle with a warm fleece warp and a good book. Pottery Barn’s Austin Leather Armchair is extra wide (so I can tuck my legs under me) and is soft enough to sit for hours. I love the Saddle Leather shade too.

Set of Samsonite luggage for our upcoming trip to Manila! I like Samsonite’s “Silhouette 10” collection – or anything else that’s durable, classic, lightweight and stands out in the airport carousel!

Since we're on the subject, I'd also like to wish for a total kitchen makeover (granite counters, please!) or better yet a garage makeover (and finally turn it into the family room we've been dreaming of!). What are the chances that Kenneth Brown (my absolute favorite designer) from HGTV's reDesign, will be knocking on our door? It could happen and yes, this is a "wish list" after all.


jol said...

I believe this year's wish list is more possible and affordable. And having those websites after each wish convinces me that you are more serious in acquiring them. Please feel free to indicate which one I can get for you; it will be my pleasure.

leslie Ty said... wish is for you and jojo to visit manila sooon! =) cant' wait! =)

great wish i know what to get you for your bday! =)

leslie Ty said...

jo...i really want to get you something for your birthday and a super belated Christmas gift =)

I'll email you on how i can order from your wish list =) hehehe =)

joyeee said...

I didn't know you still wanted the square plates... hahaha:) I wanted to get that for you for Christmas but you picked shoes instead!:) Now gota find a way...haha:)

Junarakasa said...

Hey Guys!!! Super kakahiya. I didn't come out with a wish list to make "parinig" about you getting me these. It was really done all in fun lang. I really don't want you guys to get me any of this! Thanks for the offer dad, Les and Joy - but I mean it - do not get me any of this! The links were just there so you could see what I was talking about NOT as a place to order the items :) Seriously, I'm touched about the offer but really don't need any of these!!! Honest.

Junarakasa said...

Thanks ulit but seriously don't get any of them for me. Jojo has promised one of them for my birthday (I won't tell you which one para you won't buy any of the items on my list - if you do buy one of them then you run the risk of getting me exactly the same gift as Joj =)

leslie Ty said...

hahahaha.... nice try jo! I know you can return it naman kung the same e... =)

promise...i really really really want to get you something for your birthday....please =)