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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Third Letter

Dear Jellybean,

Happy 5th month! Boy, time sure is flying by these days. In just 4 more months (more or less ... and I am definitely hoping it's the latter), we get to finally meet you. We are sooo excited! We have your latest sonogram picture posted on the fridge and every day I walk by and see your beautiful face. I know most people say that all babies look alike, especially in their sonogram pictures, but I can already make out some of your features (maybe this is just me and my active imagination). But irregardless, I just know in my heart that you are beautiful!

We've been making so many preparations for your arrival. Shopping for furniture, decorating your nursery, and endless planning with any one and every one for when you finally come join us. One of the biggest preps is coming up with your name. Both your dad and I want to make sure we give you a special name that will let the whole world know just how special you really are. After thinking and praying long and hard, we have come up with three favorites:

1.) JULIANNA ELISE (because these have been two of my most favorite names since forever). I love how both names sound so charming and romantic.
2.) JODIE HELENE (because we would love for you to be named after both your grandmothers - my mom's name is Judy and your dad's mom's name is Helen. We think it would be wonderful to have you named after the two most important mothers in our lives.)
3.) JAMIE GABRIELLE - (because we wanted you to be named after two special "angels". My dad's name is James and I am positive he is now your very own, special angel and of course guardian angel Gabriel, who I have been praying to to keep you safe).

My personal favorites are Julianna and Jamie while your dad favors Jodie. We sort of got stuck for a while and decided that since we would like to share raising you with our immediate families, then they should get to vote on your name too.

So far, the results have been:
1.) Julianna Elise - 8 votes
2.) Jodie Helene - 10 votes
3.) Jamie Gabrielle - 5 votes

Your grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins on your dad's side came over for dinner last night to vote. We are still waiting for my side to cast their vote (that's 6 more additional uncounted votes) and of course your Uncle Ogie, Auntie Vange and cousins in Manila have yet to be polled. So it's pretty much still anything goes in terms if your name. But we thought the whole process of naming you has made you feel more real and closer to us. And has brought you closer to your immediate family too. Everyone is just so darned excited to meet you! And remember, no matter what name we give you, just know you will always be special and always be loved.

See you soon my little Bean!


leslie ty said...

What about the TITAs and TITOs in Manila? =) Do we get to vote too? =)

I love the names...but my special favorite is Julianna Elise =)

Junarakasa said...

Hey Les! Of course you get to vote too cause you are an honorary part of the family =) I was actually going to email you about this ... but I read on FB that you are in Brunei (tama ba?) Thought you might be on vacation! =) Anyway, thanks so much for voting! That's one more for Julianna then =)

Junarakasa said...

To all those reading this blog - please feel free to vote too! Everyone reading my blog is pretty much considered "part of the family" since this blog has a very limited set of readers and is not really "advertised to the public". =)

joyeee said...

Hey dets, sorry havent emailed or checked your blog recently..been a bit busy here too! but im back:) thanks for helping me again with the applications.:) appreciate it! anyway, regarding the beautiful names- I am torn between Julianna and Jamie...I think both are just absolutely adoring!:) But I love the name Gabrielle maybe I'm siding more with Jamie ( in memory of dad too:)

Julian said...

Hey Dets,

I guess Jodie Helene would be best for me.


Junarakasa said...

Thanks Duy-duy! =) These days I am kinda leaning towards Jamie din just cause I want to be reminded of dad =) Sige, I'll take you up on your offer to sew clothes for the baby =) hahaha!

Hi Jules! Thanks for casting your vote =) I was surprised that you picked Jodie - I thought you would pick Julianna cause it's close to your second name or that you would pick Jamie since when you were a baby we called you Jamey! Hahaha. Hope all is well with you over there! Enjoy Singapore! =)

Marc T said...
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Marc T said...

Hi Dets! How's it going? Hope everything's going well especially with regards to your pregnancy!

I hope you don't mind if I vote. I'm leaning towards Jamie Gabrielle. :)

Take care!

joyeee said...

Marc, same here....I love Jamie Gabrielle too!:)

joyeee said...

dets, maybe jules didnt pick the two other names bec he wanted his name to be UNIQUE!!! he didnt want to share it with anyone!:) haha

Marc and I love Jamie!:) but its your call ofcourse:)

Junarakasa said...

Thanks for voting too, Marc-kee-poo! =) BTW, Joy, can you find out Jimbee's vote? I'm waiting nalang for his and sina Atsi's =)

leslie ty said...

i'm back from brunei =)

I'm so excited for your final decision =) actually...all 3 names are whatever you decide to name jellybean...I will super love it =) good luck !!!

Junarakasa said...

Hey Les! Welcome back =) I'll keep everyone posted on the final outcome of the "baby name elections" =)