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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Peek at the Nursery

We're getting ready to fix up the nursery. My brother-in-law, Mark, offered to help us paint the nursery. My other brothers-in-law (Jay, Lee, Roy and Jojo) have been contracted to help put the furniture together. My mom has generously offered to buy the crib and chest set as a gift to her first ever apo. And Jojo is ready to crack open his wallet to pay for everything else for our unica hija. I've done nothing but window shop at stores and online the last few days getting everything in order. We are ready!

Here is the theme of our nursery:

I chose yellow (actually it's called Pale Sunlight) for the primary color. I wanted a bright, sunny room for our baby girl. I shy away from princess themes in shades of bubblegum pink (honestly, I got a headache looking at all that pink!). I also wanted bright accent colors that make the room attractive but charming all at the same time. And who does not love butterflies? They just make the room seem so happy =)

I am so excited to start working on the room. We are setting aside the Thanksgiving Weekend to get some serious work started! =)


mom said...

What a wonderful choice of colors and design. No doubt Jellybean will love this room and will soak up the love and care that will envelope her as she sleeps and grows in this nursery. What a most awaited little gift she will be.

joyeee said...

i love the colors too...:) i agree- hot pink wouldn't be my choice too!:) i never knew pale yellow could look so good. i wish i can be there to do some decorating too! hehe maybe i'll just help with the baby's little clothes and outfits! haha

Auntie Lillian said...

What a nice theme - sunshine and butterflies. The baby will have independence to go where she wants to , but guided by the sunlight (the parents ). Nice choice.

Junarakasa said...

Thanks everyone! The fun part was choosing the design and the colors. The hard part is now finding the right furniture! We have to balance out our budget, needs, read consumer reviews, find the available pieces ... etc, etc. It's not as easy as I thought and sometimes having a lot of choices just makes things more complicated! Oh well.

leslie ty said...

good luck with the nursery Jo =) yellow is such a nice color!!! i super can't wait to see the nursery...and to meet jellybean =)