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Friday, July 29, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Since I don’t want anyone to lose any sleep over this (as if!) – here’s an update to my post 2 days ago. I had an hour long meeting with the DOC yesterday. She seemed very impressed (I’d like to think so!) with my proposal. My next step is to work on a budget (argh!) for this entire program, which she’ll take a look at next week. I think it's a good sign that she asked for a detailed budget breakdown though. Although my fingers remain crossed.

It's Friday, and therefore time to review our weekend plans.
What we want to do:
a.) Have dinner and catch a movie tonight (Stealth opens today and my hubby wants to go see it).
b.) Go to Knott’s Berry Farm with my hubby’s family on Saturday.
c.) Spend Sunday at the Redondo Beach Pier.
d.) Sleep in every chance we get.
What we have to do:
a.) Visit Home Depot and buy supplies to re-paint the trim around the house.
b.) Clean out the gutter.
c.) Sort stuff in the garage and donate things to Goodwill.
d.) Find a plumber/gardener to fix our busted water sprinkler.
It’s always tough choosing between what we want to do and what we have to do. You could choose to do the "wants" and feel guilty about not doing the "have tos". Or you could do the "have tos" but be miserable about missing out on doing the "wants". I'm telling you it's tough ...

My hubby and I paid a long-planned visit to our local community center last night. In a supreme effort to have at least some form of physical exercise, we decided to drag ourselves over to check out the sports complex. Incidentally, this complex has been within a 1-mide radius of where we live and we have been driving by the place every day for almost a year now – and yet, we’ve never been compelled to stop and visit. On the other hand, in our first 6 months here, we have been to every mall, movie theater, shopping complex, supermarket, and restaurant row in the South Bay. This is an excellent indication of our priorities! Anyway, for a community center, the place was impressive (as in clean, spacious, and had parking) and the customer service was great (as in someone was willing to walk us around, answer most of our questions, and sign us up). So much so, that I found myself signing up for yoga classes and step aerobics. (It’s strange to see the words “I”, "sign up", “yoga” and “step aerobics” in the same sentence). My first class is next week. (Stay tuned! I have a feeling this will be the start of many embarrassing and hilarious posts!).


Auntie Alice Chua Caedo said...

Hi, Joanne, I enjoyed your stories! I could remember how well you talked when you were still a chubby little girl....I met your mom at mass yesterday and I was telling her that I made 5 attempts to send you my comments but failed to do. I hope it will work this time. I could not believe that you have been living in the US for five years....time is so fast....

Joanne said...

Hi Auntie Alice, It's really nice to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading through my ramblings. Hope you'll be back to "visit" soon.

Yes, it has been 5 years. I agree, time does fly! Hope all is well with you back home. Regards to your family too!

Head J said...

Keep us posted on this DOC; something positive is forthcoming!

Glad that your schedule is full; it is better to be occupied and busy than to be idle and doing nothing. Time must be spent wisely; it is one thing we can not buy.

Anonymous said...

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