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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Golden Girls

I grew up watching Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia. I remember how much my mom loved this show. It’s the only one that could leave her shaking and breathless with laughter. Back when I was younger, it was a Sunday night ritual to have dinner at ama and angkong’s place and then come home to watch The Golden Girls and The Nanny. My whole family loved it!

Moving to the States a few years ago, it was a pleasant surprise to find Golden Girl reruns on the Lifetime Channel. It actually seems like it’s on all the time now. Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Late Night! I actually start the day watching it as I blow-dry my hair for work and I have it on in the background as I make dinner in the evenings too.

Incidentally, I used to watch the news in the morning, but really found it depressing to start the day with bad news. I think The Golden Girls is a much better show to start the day with before heading out onto LA rush hour traffic and 8 hours of work!

This morning I saw a commercial about the sequel to the show called The Golden Palace. I didn’t even know about this! Only then did I realize the mass appeal of my 4 favorite quirky grandmothers – there was a petition asking Lifetime to air the sequel. And one of the blogs that I frequent (Sareet’s) actually talked about the show too.

So now I’m marking my calendar: The Golden Palace on August 1st. I’ll be sure to tell my mom if it’s just as good! :)


mamaella said...

hi joanne you left a post at my blog but don't know what your last name is and you have no pics in your blog. would love to catch up with old friends so if you want you can email me at

jml said...

Sharing the experiences of those 4 swinging oldies was a real stress buster. Am so glad watching it was 1 activity we shared and enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

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