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Friday, July 22, 2005

Yay! It's Friday!

Now I don’t normally say this. But after the week I’ve had, I’m thinking “Yay! It’s Friday! Finally!”

I woke up yesterday and actually thought it was Friday already. I went thru most of Thursday morning thinking that it was the end of the workweek. (I kept telling my clients to “have a great weekend” and told our Office Manager that “I’d get back to her on Monday” about something she needed ASAP). What a bummer to actually find out I was a day short till the weekend.

But today, I know for sure it’s Friiiiiday. This morning there were “end-of-the-workweek” glows on everyone’s faces and a robust “Good Morning” from George, our parking valet, as I stepped into the crowded building elevator. (On most mornings there is a half-hearted nod from 1 or 2 people along with a mumble of incoherent phrases, while the rest stare blankly into their coffee cups).

Not that the coming weekend holds such promise of a wild and crazy time. Well, at least not the typical “wild and crazy time” most newly married thirtysomethings have in LA! I guess it’s safe to say, my hubby and I are not the typical “wild and crazy couple”. For example, here’s our agenda for this weekend:

Friday Night:
Visit with neighbors who we found out are relocating soon.
Baby sit adorable nieces and nephew (ages 6, 2 and 1). A night filled with Disney videos, story books, microwave popcorn and apple juice!

Morning: Prepare loot bags for niece’s birthday party.
Afternoon: Attend niece’s first birthday.
Evening: Dinner out with my hubby’s friend who is visiting from Pittsburg.

Morning: Do stuff around the house – usually involves cleaning and laundry.
Noon: Go to mass.
Afternoon: Visit a friend in Sta. Monica – while hubby checks on her computer.
Evening: Have an early dinner with the same friend.

For us this translates as: “Hoowee! Good times, good times!”