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Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Twins!

Happy Birthday to my baby sister and brother! Well, maybe “baby” isn’t the appropriate word to use since they are turning 22! But in my eyes, well, they’ll always be my baby sister and brother.

Happy Birthday Jim and Joy – I wish you both much happiness, success, love, peace of mind, good health and every blessing imaginable. You both deserve all this and more.

I can’t believe how time flies. It’s been a privilege to be a part of your lives. We’ve been thru quite a lot – Doodlepad days, summer classes at Polo Club, talking late into the night after dad turns off the lights, rice topping lunches at Le Ching, our first out-of-town trip to Hong Kong without the folks, shopping, garage sales, planning surprise parties, picnics at Greenhills West park, working on homework, Scrabble games, teaching you guys to play pusoy dos (and then you guys beating me at it!), making up silly songs, watching horror movies and then being too scared to go to the bathroom alone, making merienda on Sunday afternoons, there are so many wonderful memories.

Sometimes it saddens me to be so far away. One of the things I regret most about leaving home is being away from you two. Not being there in-person for your birthdays and graduations, not being there to share the happy times and to comfort you thru your heartaches, not being there to hear all the wonderful things you’ve done, but most of all, not being there to witness you two grow into such remarkable young adults.

But such is life and we need to do the best we can where we are and with what we have. Thru it all I hope you two know that I love you very much. I am so proud of you both. And I will always be here as your “Dets” any time you need me. Am really looking forward to having many more wonderful memories with you guys! See you soon!

Happy Birthday Boo and Cubs!


ElliottPreciousPants said...

Happy Birthday, Twins!

And I can relate. It's very tough to be away from your family, and I miss my little brothers a lot. I have a baby brother too, and he's turning 21 on July 31st.

I'm very sad that I won't be there for his big day.

How far are you from them?

Joanne said...

Hi Elliotpreciouspants! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

My family is based in Manila (Philippines) and I'm here in Torrance (CA). Not sure how far apart they are exactly. But we're separated by roughly a couple thousand miles, an entire ocean, and a few timezones.

What about you?

ElliottPreciousPants said...

I'm closer than that. My family is in Michigan, and I am in Delaware. We are separated by a 12 hour car ride, or with airport delays and security, a sometimes almost equal-length airplane ride. It's about 800 miles. But we are all in the eastern time zone, so, that makes it easier.

We made this move for my job, but I miss my family. The worst part I think was when my brother and his wife had their second child. I was home when the first child was born, but I was living here when my niece was born, and it was awful. She was born in october, and I didn't get to see her until I was home at Christmas.

I completely know what it's like to miss the milestones, and to be sad you are missing them.

joyeeee said...

hey dets!:)
i just read your birthday blog for us! actually dad was the one who told me about it. these days i dont have much time for anything since its exam week! imagine in 2 weeks, school is over na!:) but anyway thank you so much for the wonderful message. It made me reminisce of those wonderful memories. pretty soon, we'll all be there again..together! take care tofffuuu!:)

jim said...

hey dets,

thank you for writing what you did. it was a great thing to look back at those memories that you mentioned. i cannot help but feel a bit nostalgic after i pictured all of those experiences that we shared together. i wish we did spend more time physically together, but i do understand the reasons why we can't right now.

while distance has been successful at separating, it has only intensified the memories that on the other hand, have kept both of us more vividly alive in each others hearts.

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