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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I wore green today hoping it will bring me good luck! My hubby is wearing blue since the only green shirt he has shrunk in the wash and has sort of a “muscle-shirt look” that we thought was quite inappropriate for work! No wild pub parties for us tonight but we do have sushi dinner plans. (After all, it’s lent, folks!).

Side note: we were listening to KBIG 104.3 this morning on our way to work and found out that Cardinal Mahoney has issued a special dispensation for all Catholics – just for today. Even if Catholics are supposed to abstain from eating meat all Fridays of Lent, you can eat meat today IF you are having corned beef and cabbage. No word on whether beer is okay for those abstaining from alcohol though!

Hopefully the “luck of the Irish” will rub off on me soon. An update on my job searching: I turned down an offer from company X (the one who called me back after my quasi argument with the president). The job was almost purely administrative and really not what I want to be doing. Not to mention the opportunity for growth at that company was almost zero. So I decided it was not the one for me. Still waiting on the other two companies I met with last week. And I have a couple more interviews lined up in the next few days. (Fingers remained crossed).

I realize that job searching is a long process – as it should be. Making a decision that will affect my future and having to consider a job where I will be spending a huge amount of my time and energy is very important to me. I do have a high set of standards (as everyone should) but I’m also quite willing to compromise when necessary. So while I do not want it to take forever, it’s not something I think I should rush into either. Anyway, the bottomline is, I just hope something comes up soon.

There are two good things that I am looking forward to though:

First, my family (my whole family) will be here in a month. I am so excited!!! This will mark the second time in 5 years that we will all be together. I can’t wait. I’m planning up a bunch of things for us to do during their 3-week visit. (Please help me think of fun and out-of-the-ordinary things to do in or around LA – although all suggestions must take into consideration my family’s different interests, moods, and comfort zones).

Second, the bookclub I’m organizing already has 8 members (myself included). Yay! I am so psyched since all the responses I got are from ladies who all sound very well-read, upbeat, and excited. I’ve set our first meeting for next Friday. I hope everything goes super well. Updates on that soon.

On that note, Happy St. Patrick's Day and hope everyone enjoys their beers!

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jol said...

You seem to be in a very good mood today and this is highly contagious. It made me wish for everyone to be in such a happy mood; then there will be no conflicts and peace will reign. A dose of good luck is most certainly welcome too! I am looking forward to our trip there with all eagerness.