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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I thought I'd introduce myself and some of the folks in my life by posting some photos. I've been wanting to do this - but am really quite technologically-challenged - so I had to find an opportune time to get my hubby to walk me thru "how to post pics on my blog". Here are some random pictures that happen to be on his computer hard drive (cause if I had to go thru the digital camera and upload stuff from there or import stuff from my computer ... well, I don't think my brain could handle it on a Sunday afternoon. That would be too much tech information for one day!).

My hubby and I on a trip to Las Vegas last year. I think this is at Mandalay Bay - but am not so sure anymore. Photos by giant slot machines are required for all tourists at the Strip. I think we have one every time we're there.

At Big Bear with some of my in-laws. It was funny how excited we all were to see snow. That was pretty much the highlight of our day :)

Two of my three best friends who have been with me literally thru it all. It's too bad I don't see them as often as I'd like (the one on the left lives in Vancouver, the one on the right lives in Manila, and the third one, who is taking this picture, lives in Singapore). It was great that all three of them were at our wedding though. This picture is taken right in front of our house.

My beautiful nieces, Meredith and Maddie, who have given me and my hubby the much needed practice in Parenting 101. Our future kids thank them :)

Here's my dad walking me down the aisle. If you look at this picture, you will notice my bangs - which was driving me and everyone else crazy at the wedding! It had a life of its own!

Our warm and cozy kitchen. My mom, sisters and I about to carve the Xmas ham. I'm the one in light blue on the left, Cubs is the one in the middle (holding the knife), Atsi's the one in red. And the "floating head" is mom, (a.k.a. Ms. Martha Stewart!).

One of my most favorite pictures of all time. My hubby and I on our honeymoon -- with my whole family! Yes, we honeymooned together! :) I did write about my family being super close, right??? My hubby is the handsome guy kneeling at my feet (in the picture!). From left to right: my brothers Boo and Jules, Atsi, me, mom, Cubs and my dashing dad.

Mom, dad, Jojo and I at The Getty Center. This was during their last visit here (Nov. 2005).

Okay, now that I am going thru the pics - they are in some crazy order and I just realized I can't just cut and paste them to the order that I'd like. Grrr. Oh well. This is what I'll call artistic freedom then. :)


jol said...

The pictures certainly add life to your blog. One can now better relate to some of your stories. It really is different when you can actually see the person writing the blog or the persons and object which is subject of the blog. A clear case of technology making things more warm for your audience. Congratulations!

consay said...

Great pictures. I hope you could posts more pictures in the future! I can only imagine the food and restaurant you described before but a picture would really be worth a thousand words.