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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Belated Happy Birthday Jules!

Belated Happy Birthday, Jules! This is a double celebration for you. First, graduating with an MBA from Marshal Business School. And now, turning 28 :) Am so glad I got to be part of both. Wishing you the best and hoping that you land the job of your dreams real soon. I have faith in you and know that there are only good things in store. Am so proud of you too :)

Scenes from Jules' barbecue party last Friday.

My brother, the host!

My brother, the bartender!

My brother, the karaoke singer!

My brother, the ladies man!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and thanks for your help with the party.


jol said...

Your pictures captures the "other side" of Jules. I am pleasantly surprised to see Jules enjoying his birthday with gusto.

Anonymous said...

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