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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Why is it that time seems to stand still when you are waiting for something or stuck doing something you dislike? And why is it that time flies right by when you are doing something you enjoy? What’s up with that?

I mean think about it …

There is a huge difference between five minutes spent:
Sitting in rush hour traffic
Finishing up the last few minutes of your long distance phonecard.

There is an enormous difference between an hour spent:
Trapped in the world’s most boring staff meeting
Having lunch with a friend you haven't seen in ages.

There is a gigantic difference between a day spent:
Making a hundred cold calls for work
Shopping for the perfect pair of shoes at the mall.

There is a ginormous difference between a week spent:
Waiting for a call from a company you applied at
Bonding with your family while they are on vacation in LA.

I swear time stands still when you are stuck in traffic, in staff meetings, making cold calls, and waiting for stuff!


jol said...

Your observation about how time is sometimes stagnant or how it can at times fly is truly relevant. The difference lies on whether you are enjoying or getting bored with some events that involve time.

Milos said...

True. As far as time, it for some reason flies by when you are in the USA, while it runs more slowly over in Europe!

Joanne said...

Milos, I agree that time does fly here in the States much faster than back home in Manila :)

Anonymous said...

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