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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Not So Happy

When my brother was much younger, my mom would often ask him how his day at school went, and there would be some days when he'd say he was "not so happy". Today, I kinda felt that way. Marc, Mark, Jojo, Jules and I saw off both my sisters who were heading home to Manila.

To Atsi and Cubby, my sisters and best friends, I'll miss you guys. The last few weeks were awesome having you both around. Thanks for helping me out around the house so much and for taking the time to share your joys, worries, and hopes with me. I know I'll see you both real soon.

Since I am feeling a tad low, I thought I'd cheer myself up by posting two pictures of two of my favorite days.

The first was our evening picnic at the Redondo Beach Pier. In the picture are Atsi, Mark, Joy, dad, mom, me, and Booy. Not in the picture, but somewhere nearby - Jojo, Marc, and Jules.

Here are the original 7 J's in Disneyland. (Jim, dad, me, Joy, mom, Atsi and Jules)
I just loved this day.


jol said...

The picture of the 7 Js at Disneyland brings happiness to my heart. It was not so long ago when my kids were young and look at how great they look nowadays. The picture show that one brief, shinning moment that is forever imbeded in my heart.

jml said...

The happiest place on earth really deserves such a title. For a brief moment in time the cares of the world outside are forgotten and only joy and love, family and laughter resound. Dreams do come true. My dream of having my whole family together in Disneyland has finally been realized.

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