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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Our Family Vacation in Pictures

Warning: Pictures are posted at random.

These are pictures taken from 3 different cameras and I'm too tamad (lazy) to organize them in a particular sequence that would be logical. Maybe one of these days when I have more time. For now, my dear readers (most of whom are in the pictures!), enjoy the photos.

First up, my hubby and I by the little chapel at The Alpine Village, right after our champagne brunch.

Most of our days start like this, lots of waiting around. What can you expect with 3 bathrooms and 10 people? (Side note: the painting behind me was our First Year Wedding Anniversary gift from mom and dad - who brought it all the way from Manila).

Dinner at Tofu House where my parents presented our dear friend, Marc, with a pendant for graduating summa cum laude. Here's Joy presenting the pendant to him after my dad's inspiring speech which included the price of gold in the world market and how the pendant will protect him from harm.

Here with the other Mark at The Shoreline Village in Long Beach.

Trolley ride in Sta. Barbara (this was the 105-minute city tour). Here we are still warm and toasty - by the end of the tour everyone was too cold to smile. (Especially Joy who insisted on sitting at the edge the whole ride).

Dad and mom at their favorite spot at home. This is the little bench we have right in front of the house where they hang out and have coffee every morning. Aren't my parents the sweetest? Once they even saw two wild peacocks grazing our yard (I am not making this up!).

My baby sister and I modeling the Margarita mix dad got for our barbecue.

Joy, mom, dad, Jim and Atsi on their Mexican cruise. Heard the food on the ship was awesome.

Our pre-Mother's Day celebration at home. Here are the 5 of us (Jules, Booy, Joy, me, and Atsi) presenting mom with her Mikasa gift set.

Shopping in Camarillo. We had one hour and so everyone hit the stores running! I've got to hand it to mom who covered the most ground and got the best stuff!

Posing at the Hollywood-Highland mall right before we went on our museum visit. Ripley's Believe It or Not museum that is! Our lame attempt at compromising with our parents who wanted to visit LACMA and expose us to some type of culture :)

One of our many barbecues in the backyard. Here we are hungry and waiting for the steaks!


joyeee:) said...

hey dets!:)
aww... those pictures reminded me of how much fun those times were!!! pretty soon, we'll all be together again... thanks for somehow making all of us part of your blog! it's really nice and sweet of you... hope to read more of your future blogs which keep me updated of your daily activities!!! great job again! take care!

jol said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your blog captures the highlights of our grand family reunion. Aside from being a great movie critic, you are also an outstanding story narrator. I enjoyed looking at the pictures as they brought fond memories of our togetherness. Congratulations!

jml said...

Good times just go by so fast. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and the wealth of memories that it evokes.
Family and friends are among the 2 greatest gifts that has been bestowed on us. How trully blessed we are.

Sareet said...

Your family is so cute!

Joanne said...

Joy, Dad, Mom - Next year's reunion will be even better, I hope! Although the thought of having to wait one more year is just awful. I miss you guys na - even if I just saw Joy last night and she's on her way to pick me up!

Sareet - Thanks! I wish I knew how to post pictures along with my entries. But it seems so tedious and too much work. Your posts are so much more interesting cause they go together. I'll eventually get the hang of it, I guess. :)

Sareet said...

Oh, it's not hard. When you're creating a post, make sure you're on the "edit html" page. After you upload a photo, you just cut the html-stuff for the pic and paste it wherever you want. It is a bit tedious b/c for some reason, the html always initally appears at the top of your post, not where your cursor is, but it's not too bad if you use control-x to cut and control-v to paste.

I love the description of where you guys went - gives me ideas of restaurants to try!

Sareet said...

oh never mind, you do that too! I don't know what you mean, then. I think the posts are really interesting, and they do go together!

Joanne said...

The copy paste thing is what I've been doing. :) It's probably not as hard, tredious and complicated as I make it seem. It's just me :)

Anonymous said...

Joanne, your family pictures are very nice - gives us some feeling of sharing the enjoyable time you had together. It brings back the memories of your honeymoon trip with all of us.

Uncle Jr. and Auntie Lillian

Joanne said...

Hi Uncle Junior and Auntie Lillian,
Thanks for visiting my blog. My family's last visit was really fun - just like our group honeymmoon two years ago. Hopefully we'll all get to take another trip together soon. That would be a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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