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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The F Girls?

My friends Les and Joce were with us (on and off) for the last 2 weeks. They left for Manila last night. That makes me sad =( To cheer myself up I have posted some highlights of their stay:

Here we are walking along Rodeo Drive feeling like "Pretty Woman"! I had dubbed our trio as the "F" girls - (after the F girls, a trio of TV show hosts back in Manila). Only Joce didn't like that thought! Wonder why??? =)

The three of us across Old Town San Diego's Immaculate Conception church (we were paying homage to our alma matter!). Just a little bit of side trivia here: Les, Joce and I were classmates - I met Les in kindergarten, and we met Joce a year later in prep. So I have known both these ladies for almost 30 years! Now this is what I call true girlfriends! =)

Dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe with Ed right before we watched Jersey Boys. The dinner was good but nothing compared to the show (which you all know by now, I absolutely loved!).

Jojo treated us to a steamed crab dinner at Redondo Beach. We donned our bibs, held on to our mallets and rolled up our sleeves! One of my favorite places for fresh seafood.

Shopping at The Grove and lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was Joce's first time there and we were excited to see her reaction to their mouthwatering cheesecakes! BTW, she loved it!

Two places where we literally "lined up for our food" - Pink's hotdogs in Hollywood (where this picture was taken) and Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly Hills. I have to say those hotdogs and cupcakes were worth the over half hour wait!

Dinner with Atsi and Mark at BCD Tofu House. This is one of our favorite restaurants. Anyone who comes to visit us gets taken to dinner at this place. And everyone that has tried this place, loves it instantly! Joce and Les are two more people we can add to that list!

Walking along the Vegas strip. I think October is the best month to visit Vegas. It's neither too cold nor too hot. And of course, it's always great to visit with Vegas when you're with your friends =)

Joce, Les and I walking along Hollywood. This is a great place to sightsee and go shopping. This is also where Les and Joce were accosted by a sleazy looking Elvis impersonator! I swear that you run into all sorts of characters in Hollyweird!

Lunch at Muriel and Mark's charming home. I love how they fixed up their place =) Muriel made us home-cooked Pinoy food (kare-kare and rellenong bangus). And for dessert, Ed brought us another "Pinoy" favorite: Dunkin Donuts!

Dinner at Lucille's Barbecue at the Del Amo mall with Mark and Gus. Both guys were really entertaining to hang out with! As usual, dinner at Lucille's was really good (they have fabulous baby back and St. Louis ribs!).

In case your eyes are playing tricks on you ... this is not another picture of Les, me and Joce (wow! what a super compliment for Joce if you did think that!) ... it's actually Les, me and Kim Kardashian. We ran into her at the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade parking garage (of all places). She was really gracious and friendly. Take note this picture was taken by one of the many photographers following her. So for a split nanosecond, Les and I got a taste of what it feels like to be photographed by the paparazzi!

Thanks for spending your vacation with us, Les and Joce! I had a great time with you guys and I hope you enjoyed your stay with us too. Now I am going to start planning our upcoming Alaskan cruise for next year - will send you the details when I get them from my travel agent =)


joyeee said...

seems u guys really had so much fun!!! thats great that you were able to unwind and have fun too joey! cant wait for nov and dec!!! :) nice pic with kim! haha

Junarakasa's Story said...

Nice pic with Kim ... plus nice pa siya. It was worth it even if Les and I had to make pakapal to ask her for a photo w/ her =)

Ina said...

OMG! I love the pic with Kim! Parang photoshop pero hindi! I swear si Leslie parang sinusundan ng celebrities cause she's always able to have her picture taken with one. Galing! Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

leslie ty said...

Hi Jo! =) this is such a great blog! You were able to showcase our trip! galing ng highlights! =)

We really had fun! Joce and I had coffee lang with Meme and Cha and we were still raving about our US trip!

Thank YOU for being a great tour guide and host! (Thanks to Jojo too!)

I think the best part of the trip is our bonding time... =) second lang yung pic with Kim Kardashian =)

Junarakasa's Story said...

Ina, oo nga it looks photo-shopped, no? I even showed it to friends and they thought it was Kim's wax figure! =) Di ba believable na Les and I hang out with Kim? =)

Les, it was really my pleasure having you guys here. I was really glad to have the chance to bond with you and Joce. I had a great time too! I am serious ... we have to plan next year's vacation na! =)

leslie ty said...

okay =) game!!! let's plan it in December =)

Jocelyn said...

So cute the highlights Jo! :) This is my happiest and most fun trip ever!!! :) The bonding, the eating, the shopping, the tours...everything was just perfect! And I have to give you the Best Host Ever Award! Oh, and the most entertaining too! Because you made me smile and laugh a lot! It's really a dream come true! :) (teary-eyed pa ko hehe!) Thanks so much Jo!!!

Junarakasa's Story said...

Wow Joce - because of your comment, I got a little teary-eyed myself =) Am so glad you had fun and that your first trip was so memorable. Will be sure to plan more fun trips for all of us in the years to come =) Especially now with my "Best Host Ever Award" - I really need to step up!