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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Facebook ... Finally!

I've finally entered the 21st century and am on Facebook. A lot of my friends and family have been telling me to join but I've been quite slow to get on the bandwagon! Les, Joce and Jojo have finally talked me into entering the world of social networking. I created my page yesterday (with Jojo's help) and was pleasantly surprised this morning to have made several connections already.

I am a firm believer that the world is a small place and that it is impossible for any one to be completely cut off from everyone else. I also believe in six degrees of separation wherein anyone can somehow be connected to the people in their part of the world through people they are related to, have dated, are friends with, went to school with, have worked with, have hung out with, or just plain know. Browsing through Facebook just confirms all this! It's actually quite amazing =)


leslie ty said...

I'm sooooo glad you finally did this =)

Opening a facebook account is one of our THINGS TO DO pa remember? Now we can cross it out of the list! =)

Junarakasa's Story said...

Thanks for convincing me! Jojo is kidding me na I'm addicted to it na now ... =)

Jocelyn said...

Yeah, this was the ONLY item left in our list before we left! :)

Junarakasa's Story said...

Joce and her lists =) at least we got a lot done because of them!