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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fashions

Fall is finally here! You can feel the cool temperatures and the crispness in the air. You can smell wonderful Autumn scents like apple pie, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and gingersnap wherever you go. You can see the gorgeous changing foliage (maybe not as drastic here in California as compared to New England ... but it does happen!). And you notice that the days are more overcast and the breezes much balmier.

Unlike most people who prefer Spring or Summer, Fall is my absolute favorite of all the four seasons! I like Fall because it brings an end to scorching and dry summer weather. It means shorter days, cooler weather, and more time to enjoy indoors. For me, it means going trick or treating, celebrating Thanksgiving and the start of holiday festivities. Fall means enjoying the company of friends and family gathered round the table. It means hearty soups and stews, savory roasts and casseroles, and baked desserts that stick to your ribs. Best of all, Fall means bringing out our winter clothes from storage and bundling up in warm, woolly coats and comforters.

To celebrate the start of the season, I spent some time looking at new Fall outerwear. I honestly don't need a new coat but I figure it can't hurt to look! Here are some styles that I have always liked:

If I were tall and thin enough, I would get this Burberry double-breasted trench coat. I think this looks so classic and put-together.

Same reasons apply as to why I can't get away with wearing a pea coat (like this one from DKNY).

I am fascinated with toggle coats. Came close to buying this Banana Republic coat once but was afraid I couldn't carry the look and may end up looking like an Eskimo! (Joybee, do you remember this coat and how many times I tried it on!?).

I think tweed coats are so smart looking (maybe it's because tweed coats were made famous by Sherlock Holmes!). I like the brown/tan shades (like this coat from Marc Jacobs) more than the black/white ones.

And when you already have all the basic coat colors (black, gray, camel, navy, red and off-white), then it's time to invest in a few other colors. Like this dusty old rose day coat from J Crew.

Don't Fall fashions just get you in the mood to go shopping? =)


Jin said...

I was going to write about my shoperholic in fall :) Changing season makes me buy so many things.

joyeee said...

yes dets i remember the toggle coat you kept trying...haha it did look okay naman! u should get it...i think its worth it!:) soon okay?

Junarakasa's Story said...

Hi Jin, you are right ... having 4 seasons means having to spend more on one's wardrobe! =)

Joyboy, I don't want the Banana Rep coat na ... as you said it looks kinda boxy on me. I think I need to get one that's a bit longer and in a darker shade. Am glad you are coming in 2 weeks since I definitely need your input =) I saw a coat that I liked at Anne Klein but was dyahe to take a picture at the store. Hopefully it'll still be there when you arrive.

leslie ty said...

hi jo =) let's check on some coats tom =) I love shopping for coats...too bad I can't wear them in Manila =(