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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not an "Ordinary" Halloween

Last night we celebrated my brother-in-law, Lee's, birthday. His party had a Halloween theme and so everyone came in costume. It was definitely a night to remember. Here are a few pictures:

Jesse was a suave Count Dracula and Len was his elegant vampire queen (complete with fluttering false eyelashes!). Jeremy was the Blue Power Ranger and Faye was our very own version of a dainty Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Jay and Cha came as a socket and a wall outlet (now isn't this an ingenious costume???).

Roy was a cross between a scary monk and a dark Sith lord. Marik was a crazy-looking hunchback. Meredith was a knockout Hannah Montana complete with a rocking hairstyle. And Maddie was a pretty Snow White (just look at that face!).

Jojo and I came as mimes! Actually we were twin mimes (which I insisted was a double costume!). We tried to act like mimes and not talk at all - I lasted about 10 seconds! Jojo did a little better =)

Lee (the birthday celebrant) was a priest exorcising a demon (that landed on his head!). Edel was a hot vampire. Jorel was a sinister crypt keeper. Elroy was a ghoulish skeleton (his costume was 3-D!). And look at MJ, our very own adorable Alice in Wonderland!

Jojo was Speed Racer with a hairy chest. Tracy was a dark sorceress with scary eyes (really scary eyes!). Sydney was a beautiful Snow White (complete with dainty shoes!). And Dani was a roly-poly pumpkin! She is just too cute for words =)

One more shot of the Disney Princess Club - aren't my nieces just adorable? Each one of them is a beauty in their own special way. I absolutely love these girls!

The evening ended with a secret ballot where we voted for "best-adult-in-costume" and "best-kid-in-costume". Cash prizes went to Jesse (as Count Dracula) and Meredith (as Hannah Montana). Yay!

Thanks to Lee and Edel for hosting such a great evening =)

Our last name may be "Ordinario" but there's nothing ordinary about how we party! =)


Jojo_LYF said...

This is the best Halloween party I ever attended! kudos to my wife's suggestion for our twin costumes.

Auntie Lillian said...

I like yours and Jojo's twin mime costumes. The electric sockets are also a good idea. You are right - you sure are an extra-ordinario family. I bet you all had lots of fun.

Tracy said...

Thanks for posting the pix!It was really fun last night. Looking forward to next year's!

leslie ty said...

two thumbs up for the twin mime costumes! =)
I love it! =)

Jeff said...


Junarakasa's Story said...

Joj, see, buti you listened to my suggestion about coming as mimes =) I already have a plan for next year ... (hahaha).

Hi Auntie Lillian, yes, it was a lot of fun. The family is really all-out when it comes to things like this. Hope you and Uncle Junior had a nice Halloween too.

Trace - yes, we are going to be ready to win it next year (hahaha).

Hi Les, thanks! I also saw your pilot pics (your costume came out so well!) No one will ever suspect where we bought it =)

Hi Jeff =)

Jin said...

It is so funny and exciting!^^ I would like to join with you if it is possible.

joyeee said...

dets i love ur mime outfits! so original and extra-ordinario! haha:) u guys both look great! make ups phenomenal too! great job for thinking out of the box! haha maddie's so cute too especially with her post in the last pic. Sydney's smile is still classic and cute as ever!:)