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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dance Recital

We attended my nieces' dance recital at the Cerritos Sports Complex today. Faye, Maddie, MJ and Sydney have been taking ballet and tap dance lessons for a few months now and today they got to show off their talents. They were so unbelievably cute as they danced on stage. No stage fright for these performers! The entire Ordinario family was there to cheer them on. We were all so proud of these 4 young ladies - each one of them did a wonderful job! Here they are after their performance. Aren't their costumes just too cute for words and complete with tap shoes too!

And here they are on stage (it's not a very good picture because the sun was so bright!).


leslie ty said...

soooo cute! =) sana we have dance classes also back in our kinder prep days =) wait...di ba you were a ballerina ? =)

Junarakasa said...

OMG Les, you remember! But then again, "Ballerina" is not what you would call a chubby, 6-year old, who could never get the steps right, and only tagged along with her more graceful and more coordinated Atsi, to twice-a-week ballet classes! =)

leslie ty said...

hahaha =) back then...we were so inggit that you guys are going to ballet classes...let's not forget your gymnastic days =)