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Saturday, April 17, 2010

So Far, So Good

Sorry for the delayed post ... it's been a little hectic lately. On Tuesday I had to run a million errands (stuff I normally spread out over the week) since I was starting work on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I had work - my schedule this week is from 10:00-7:00. Which is awesome because I still got to sleep in and could take my time in the mornings. On Wed night, Jojo and I celebrated my first day back to work. On Thurs night we had dinner at Seafood Town with the family for my sister-in-law's sister (Kat) who was heading back to Manila. Then on Fri night we had a backyard barbecue for our friends Joe and Arlene who are moving to New York. So there hasn't been time (till now) to write about my new job. Actually, there hasn't been a time to do a lot of things ... like go to the gym for instance (I am going to have to try to work that into my schedule).

Work-wise, it has been all good so far. My co-workers seem really nice and the atmosphere is very casual and laid back. I don't know if this is because I am now working for a school with a younger crowd as compared to my last job which was with a bank and therefore much more "corporate". There has been a lot to learn and my first three days has been mostly doing that. I am slowly getting acclimated to going back to work and so far have not suffered any withdrawal symptoms to my formerly "bum" lifestyle (haha). Also, can I just say it one more time, I am so loving my commute!!! It takes me 5 minutes to get to work. The time I am saving is a real luxury - especially here in LA where long distances and horrible traffic is a way of life.

Anyway, enough about that. It's the weekend and even if I have only been at work 3 days out of 5 this week, it still feels good to have 2 days off =)


leslie ty said...

have a restful weekend! i'm very happy for you...i can feel the excitement in your kwentos =)

i'm inggit with your schedule ... i would love to go to work at 10am even if I have go home late =)

Junarakasa said...

Thanks Les =) Yeah, the 10-7 sched is great. But there are some days na I have to be there 8-5, or 9-6 or 12-9. So it's not always that great =) Also, in your case, you have a pretty "flexible" sched too if I remember right! =) (Haha)

leslie ty said...

hahaha =)'s an unofficial sched =) i don't mind the 12-9 sched as well =) i'll be dead with the 8-5 shift =)

Jin said...

oh you got to work finally! Congratulation! The commute time is very important and envy you about 5 minute to commute!hhh