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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

WHAT: Easter Sunday celebration
WHEN: April 4th (noon to afternoon)
WHERE: Jojo and Tracy's place in Cerritos
WHO: Ordinario family

To celebrate Easter, we had a traditional potluck lunch at my brother & sister-in-law's place. It was a gorgeous day - sunny but very cool. The perfect weather to hold our annual Easter egg hunt. But before that, we had lunch. There was so much food! There were turkey roll-ups.
I brought a pasta dish made with whole wheat noodles, Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, asparagus and capers.
There were Filipino dishes too like pancit malabon (rice noodles).
Of course, there was chicken and pork adobo (which is probably the Philippine national dish).
Inihaw na bangus (grilled milkfish) with lots of tomatoes and onions.
For dessert, there was this giant danish with strawberry and cheese ...
And turon with banana and langka (jackfruit). Yummy! I've missed having my mom's turon ... this one tasted just as good.
After lunch we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here are the kids are off and running, hunting for eggs hidden all over the backyard and the back patio.
The kids with their loot. This was suppose to be a shot with the kids, the titas and Lola - but as you can see there are some rogue titos in the shot! (Pardon my hair ... it was so windy!)
This time, the kids with Tito Jesse, Lolo. Tito Lee, Tito Roy, Tito Kuy and Tito Jojo.

The whole day was a lot of fun. But what made the day extra memorable actually happened later in the afternoon. While the kids were watching a movie upstairs, all of the adults were in the living room just chatting. I was sitting on the couch with Jojo and felt myself swaying. At first, I thought it was just me, but then we noticed the whole room shaking. The chandelier was swinging side to side and the water in the aquarium was sloshing around. There was an earthquake. It lasted about 30-40 seconds. We all gathered in the living room and waited it out. Turns out it was a pretty strong quake. A 7.3 on the richter scale with Mexicali as the epicenter (about 120+ miles from where we were). It was kinda scary and we were all glad that it was over and no one got hurt. Certainly a memorable Easter!


Auntie Lillian said...

Hi Joanne, glad the earthquake did not create any problems for you and your in laws. I saw it on the news and they said the effects were felt as far as Phoenix. All the food you had looked delicious, as I am sure they are. Happy easter to all of you .

Junarakasa said...

Auntie Lillian, happy Easter to you and Uncle Junior too =) Thanks for the e-card.

Yes, the earthquake was pretty strong but luckily didn't seem to do much damage. We were lucky. =)

leslie ty said...

happy easter Jo and Jojo!

thanks for sharing your great easter celebration with the Ordinarios...i'm glad no one got hurt from the earthquake.