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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucky Seven

Yesterday was a great day. After last week's visit to the pediatrician, we found out Jamie had gained 5 ounces (she was at 6.5 pounds). This in itself was good news as my baby was finally on the road to recovering the weight she had lost during her first week. However, Dr. Chung was hoping she would gain 7 ounces (1 ounce per day).

Our next pedia appointment is not till the 27th (two weeks later). But me, being the anxious mother that I am, can not wait 2 weeks - so yesterday (being the 1 week mark), I asked Jojo to take us to Healthlinks where we could use their scale and weigh Jamie. I was hoping she would be up to 6.12 (gaining 7 ounces in the last 7 days). But we were very pleasantly surprised to find that Jamie was an even 7 pounds (gaining about 10 ounces - give or take a few). I called Dr. Chung and she was happy about the news too.

Finally, I am able to breathe a little sigh of relief. The all-nighters and round the clock feedings are working. The progress in Jamie's weight shows that she is getting enough nutrients and nourishment. My paranoia is abated somewhat - at least in terms of her feeding. Of course, we still have lots to do but for now, I am just so happy to know she is ok.

Other milestones:

Yesterday, Jamie enjoyed her first manicure (which I had to do ever so carefully and while she was asleep). She started Enfamil powdered formula (and liked it). We are now up to 2 ounces per feeding - and may increase to 3 ounces by the end of the week.
She is now using her new Avent bottles / nipples - and had no problem adapting to them. We are still on a breastmilk and formula supplemented diet - and it seems to be working well for Jamie.

Today, is her third week. Our baby is 21 ... days old!

Thank you, God for these little milestones!

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Auntie Lillian said...

Enjoy Baby Jamie - there will be little milestones everyday. Glad she is doing well with the breast milk/formula combination. Take care - you have to rest yourself too.