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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quick Prayer


Thank you for giving us a little baby girl. Jamie is truly a baby angel and we are humbled to be given the chance to take care of her and welcome her into our family. We know how truly blessed we are to have this little miracle with us.

On the same note, Lord, I pray for PATIENCE and STRENGTH to be a good mom. These last 3 weeks have been truly an eye-opening experience for me. It has been challenging to say the least. But I know in my heart that all good things are worth the effort - and Jamie is definitely worth all the sacrifice.

Please bless my husband too. He has been a wonderful support and a huge help to me. He has also demonstrated in such a short time how good a father he is to our baby. Give Jojo the endurance for our all-nighters ... as well as the strength to continue studying for his certification and eventually as he looks for a job.

Please bless my mom. She has been invaluable during this time and while I will miss her when she goes home, I know that she is always there for us. Help me be strong when she leaves. And help mom be reassured that we will be well cause I know she worries about us too. Please bless everyone else who has offered me encouragement and support during this time. Everyone's support, no matter how small, has helped me move forward.

Thank you again, Lord, for blessing us with Jamie. Please help us to be worthy of this special gift.

Papa, I know you can read this and you can hear me ... please intercede for us and help us take care of your baby granddaughter ...

This I ask during this Easter season ... AMEN.

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