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Monday, September 21, 2009

Working Hard for Our Business

Ever since we moved to our home, we have used a security company (let's call them Company ABC) for our home security needs. They have installed a pretty comprehensive security system with several features that help keep us safe. First, we have a perimeter shield wherein an alarm sounds whenever a window or door is opened. On top of that we also have motion detectors inside the house. So in the event an intruder does get in an alarm will sound when he moves across the rooms. Next, we are also connected to the fire station, police department, the paramedics and the carbon monoxide/poison control center. They are alerted in case we need their help. Lastly, we have back-up power so that our security system continues to run for 24 hours even if we lose electrical power. All these help makes us feel safe - especially when I'm home alone or when we leave for vacations.

We've been very happy with Company ABC since the few times we accidentally had the alarms go off - their response was quick, efficient and professional. Believe it or not, we get a call within 45 seconds of the alarm going off and help arrives within the next 5 minutes. Guaranteed. So even if Company ABC's security system is a bit expensive, I never think twice about having it and have never considered having it discontinued or of reducing any of the features that are in place. Also, I have never looked around for another company to replace Company ABC (since they are the best in the business). I believe that you can not put a price on safety and peace of mind.

So, it was a surprise when the other day, we go a call from Company ABC's competitor. They (let's call them XXX, Inc.) were trying to lure us away from Company ABC by giving us a better rate if we would switch. We would be saving almost $10.00 a month and would receive a free system upgrade. All we had to do was switch then and there.

Now, I am a very loyal customer especially to companies that have been providing great services. But then again an upgrade is an upgrade and saving $120 a year is not a bad incentive for a switch either. So to be fair, I called Company ABC and told them that while I was happy with their service and was not looking around for a better replacement, I was approached with an offer I could not refuse.

The customer service agent at Company ABC was very professional. She immediately put me through to her manager who said they would do everything they can to keep us as a customer. They assured us we did not need an upgrade since our system was just upgraded two years ago. They said that XXX, Inc. was probably only going to replace the external control pad and not really upgrading the system (there was no need). Also, they said they would match the price XXX, Inc. was quoting us so we would not have to switch.

In the end, we decided not to switch. It worked out great that we got the best of both offers. We have a company we have been and continue to be happy with. We have a great security system that makes us feel safe. And we got the special price without having to go through all the paperwork!


Jin said...


joyeee said...

wow, good deal dets! :) Good thing you called Company ABC and told them the offer you got from the other company...and good thing they offered to match the price!

mom said...

Well done! Your are a very astute consumer. Your dad would have been very proud.

Leslie Ty said...

galing Jo =)