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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

My thoughts and prayers are with all the Filipinos suffering from the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy. Since yesterday, Metro Manila and surrounding cities are in a state of calamity over the strong winds and torrential rains that have resulted in massive flooding. I have been reading local news, blogs and posts from friends who live in Manila. It sounds so awful. I feel so bad for all those that are affected by this massive typhoon (apparently one of the strongest in the last 40 years).

I am seeing pictures of people swimming in the streets, stranded on rooftops, and trying to call for help. I am reading about people who have lost their homes or have their belongings ruined by the rising water. I am hearing about people stranded and families missing their children.

I pray that the rains stop soon and that the waters subside. Hopefully the damage and devastation won't be so bad and people can rebuild their lives. The fighting spirit and the good nature of the Filipino people will see them through this calamity. That and their strong faith in God. I am praying for my family (who thankfully are safe and sound), my relatives, my friends, my in-laws who are in Manila on vacation, people I know, and those that I don't. This is a time when we need prayers more than ever.


Auntie Alice said...

Yes, Joanne, so scary. I was on the phone with your mom several times yesterday.
Imagine Roosevelt Street where Apple lives was flooded and most of the streets in West.
Candy was coming to our house with her 2 little girls but we asked them to go back home, no way they could pass so they checked in at Shangrila Makati to spend the night.
But, we are fine now, sun has come out and water subsided in most areas.

mom said...

It was a little scarry for awhile. The rain just kept on pouring non stop. In all my years in Greenhills I have nebver yet encountered flood until this time. But we are still so very lucky and suffered no damage at all. Others are not so lucky. We are doing what we can to help in alleviating the misfortune that many had to endure.

marvin said...

The tragic scenario typhoon "Ondoy" have caused is really devastating. Most of the people don't expect the floods to be that
high in their area. But what's the good thing right now is that there are lots of people across tne country and also all over the world that pledges to give money and relief goods to those affected families. I'm pretty sure that Gawad Kalinga is also taking its part in helping those calamity victims.

leslie ty said...

it was really scary cell signals...I'm just glad ONDOY left already....

Junarakasa's Story said...

Hi Auntie Alice and Mom, it must have been really strong for it to have flooded West Ghills. In all my years living there, I don't recall it ever flooding! While I love rainy weather, I don't think this one was something I would enjoy. I'm glad you are all safe and the worst is over.

Hi Marvin, would like to know how I can help too. Our local parish here is mostly Filipino so I will inquire if there are any programs they are working on that will send aid. If you know of any, pls let me know too.

Hi Les, glad you are okay. It's so sad to read all these stories. Hope the next few days won't be so bad anymore. Take care!