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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Jojo and I treated Atsi and Mark to brunch at Souplantation. This is one of my family's favorite places to eat. Whenever my parents come to visit, we always have lunch here.

For those of you that have never been to one, it is a buffet that features an extensive salad bar and several kinds of soup (they always have the crowd favorites: clam chowder, chili bean, and chicken noodle soup plus three other soups that vary depending on when you visit). They also have a dessert section that features fresh fruit and a make-your-own-sundae bar. Plus a baked goods section that features muffins, brownies, breads and focaccia pizza all hot out of the oven.

We like going on Sundays because they serve a brunch selection. Starting at 9:00 AM they serve breakfast items and then they switch to the lunch items at noon. We like to come around 11:00 so we get to eat both sets of food!

Today, I started with breakfast. A cup of oatmeal with brown sugar, a banana, a waffle quarter with cream and maple syrup, potatoes o'brien (with red and green pepper), scrambled eggs and a slice of zucchini quiche.

Then my second course was "lunch". I had a cup of curried yellow split pea soup (it's new and it's really good!). I also had a plate of salad greens, some chicken, and on the side, my salad bar favorites: dill pickles, shucked corn, sweet peas and black olives.

And last was dessert ... vanilla soft serve yogurt (low fat) with chocolate sauce and sprinkles (not low fat). Since one is low fat and the other is high fat, in my mind they balance each other out =)

We like to delude ourselves into thinking that this is a healthier buffet. And when you think about it ... it kinda is! =)

P.S. Sorry there are no pictures of us ... we all had the "straight-out-of-bed" look.


Jin said...

Looks really nice! I hope to have it here in Korea! We have similar kinds of salad bar, but not soup bar.I really want to go there!

leslie ty said...

looks YUMMY !!!! =)

I want to try this place...i'm into soup and salad these day =)

Junarakasa's Story said...

Jin, I posted a comment on your blog! Did you see it? =)

Hey Les, sure, we can go to Souplantation when you visit =)

joyeee said...

looks yummy dets! although the dessert was kinda funny about the balancing it out thingy...haha:) u should try the banana split nin my foodstall...its affordable and tastes good too!:)