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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Project

In keeping with the "Labor Day" sentiment ... Jojo and Mark did some manual labor over the holiday. They replaced the shower doors in our guest bathroom. I've been wanting to replace those doors after noticing that the design decals on them have started peeling off. Also, the track where they are mounted needed to be re-caulked to prevent water from seeping out. Luckily Mark and Atsi were here to help us tackle this do-it-ourselves project.

Here are the "handymen" dismantling the old shower doors in the garage. They had to take them apart and break them into pieces so we could toss them in the trash.

We all headed out to HD Supply Warehouse to pick out new shower doors. It turns out the doors come in two sizes (54 inches and 58 inches). Problem is our tub measures 56 inches - so Mark had to trim the doors we bought (which was a lot of extra work!).

After carefully stripping the old doors and the brackets holding it in place, they had to the clean the surface and re-grout some spots too. Here's the tub without any shower doors.

The whole project took much longer than expected and was harder than one would think. Our shower area is slightly slanted so there were a lot of re-adjustments that had to be done. But they got the job done by the end of the day. Here are the newly installed shower doors. I think Jojo and Mark did a great job because they look pretty good.


mom said...

Congratulations to a job well done!Am looking forward to see the well done job on my visit soon.

joyeee said...

hey looks really nice and neat!:) good job to both jojo and mark!!!:)

leslie ty said...

wow =) great job to Jojo and Mark =)
Can't wait to use the bathroom =)