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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

I’ve been meaning to blog more over the holidays … but our vacation in Manila just flew by so quickly there was hardly any time to capture the spirit of the season in writing! Also, I did not have the luxury of having my own computer, in my own room, and the thought of walking more than 10 steps to log-on was just too tiresome for someone on vacation =) But this changes now that the new year has rolled in (and now that I am in the comfort of my own home, with not just one, but two computers to use whenever I want!). Now it’s back to serious (or at least more consistent) blogging!

Yesterday, we flew back to Manila after 4 weeks of vacation. As with most vacations, the end was bittersweet. Part of me was happy to be going home and looking forward to resuming my normal routine. But another part of me was wishing time would standstill and I could stay in vacation mode for just a few days more! Here are the top 5 things about living in Manila and being back in Torrance.

1.) Having my family and friends around … it’s always nice to come home to a full house and always wonderful that friends and relatives are constantly around for lunches, dinners and all other times of the day! And reunions … so great to see friends, colleagues and even family that I have not seen in ages. I am amazed when people say I have not changed since it has been almost 10 years since I last saw many of them. Either I am aging gracefully or people are lying through their teeth!
2.) Having household helpers that make sure you are pampered and taken care of and are able to just relax and having fun.
3.) The FOOD … oh the glorious FOOD. My mom went all out to make sure we had our fill of wonderful homecooking. Breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner!!! There was never a meal where I did not leave the table fully satisfied and thankful that my mom is a culinary diva!
4.) And when I say food, it’s not just at home, but all the lovely new places and the old favorites we ate in … my friends and family took us to many great restaurants. I have said it before but I’ll say it again, Manila dining can rival any international foodie destination!
5.) Shopping! It helps we were there over the holiday season when sales and bargains were everywhere. I don’t know exactly what we bought and why we did but we used up every last possible space in our luggage and every last pound of our allotted baggage weight!

1.) Being in my own home and lounging around according to my own schedule. It’s great to be able to do what I want when I want and staying in while wearing sweats the whole day =)
2.) Getting to drive again. I could not even begin to imagine driving in Manila (although I did attempt to a few times). It’s just too crazy for me out there!
3.) The weather … it’s winter in Southern California and I love it! The nights are cold and perfect for snuggling in. I absolutely love being surrounded by fluffy pillows and bundling in plush comforters. It’s amazing how you can be warm and toasty but have your nose stay cold.
4.) Having my in-laws welcome us home. It was nice having my brothers-in-law pick us up from the airport and extra nice to walk into the living room and have everyone’s Xmas presents waiting for us to open. It was like Xmas eve all over again! I can’t wait to see my nieces and nephews later on.
5.) Getting back to my “routine”, while I’m still fighting jetlag, it’s nice to get back to my daily schedule. Today, I went to the bank, hit the supermarket, unpacked our luggage, did some laundry and folded clothes while watching The Ellen DeGeneres show. Now I am relaxing by catching up on email and my blog.

I guess I’m kind of like Hannah Montana (now there’s a line I thought I would never say!). While Hannah sings about having the best of both worlds (she is a world famous pop princess with the help of a disguise but during the day she gets to live like a normal, average teenager), I can also claim to have the best of both worlds … enjoying life in both my homes … Manila and Torrance too.


mom said...

It was wonderful to have all of you children under one roof again this holiday season. It was a joy to wake up in the mornings and see 2 tables set for breakfast, as we woulld not fit in 1 table, and to sit down for lunch or dinner with the table filled with place settings. Now we are back to a smaller table and still it is not filled. Nothing lasts forever, and the great time we had, had to end. BUT I take comfort that this seperation will also not be forever. I know there will be many more times in the future for get togethers and homecomings. Remember, HOME will always be here waiting for all of you.

joyeee said...

I had a great time too dets.. wishing you guys are still here but mnaybe its best that we go back to our normal lives for now so we'll look forward to our next vacation again!:) I agree about the part where in you and jojo really filled the last possible space in your luggage with the things you bought! haha sometimes im amazed at how you guys shop. But then again, most of the time im there with you buying stuff too! haha:) Looking forward to our next big reunion!!! Takecare

leslie ty said...

i'm missing you already jo...but i'm glad you're back to blogging !!!

i'm really glad you enjoyed you vacation in manila...we enjoyed hanging out with you and jojo!

we can't wait for your next visit!!!

Junarakasa's Story said...

Thank you mom, Joy and Les! You three were instrumental in making this last vacation one of the best I've ever had! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart ...

And yes, you are all right, there will be many more visits and reunions to come. I look forward to them all =)

Auntie Lillian said...

Welcome home, Joanne and Jojo - you are so right, it is nice to be on vacation, but we always look forward to coming to our own nest - with our own pillows, and we can be in our sweat pants all day long.

Junarakasa's Story said...

Hi Auntie Lillian, yes, it is really nice to be home. Jojo is back at work so most of the time, I have the house to myself =) Hope you and Uncle Junior are doing well and having a great new year so far =)