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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rainy Day Footwear

The last couple of days have been very rainy in L.A. When the rain is pouring and the temperatures are low, people care very little about fashion and just concentrate on keeping warm and dry. I, myself, have been running errands in sweats and sneakers. The problem, though, with sneakers is while they are comfy, they don't keep your feet dry.

So while browsing for a solution, I came across a company called Nomad. They are a local company (located in Brea, CA) and they sell, among other footwear, several shoes perfect for rainy weather.

Now typically, when we think "rainy day footwear", we think boots and galoshes, right? Maybe something like this ...

Boots are great but the problem with them is I am stuck wearing them even when I get out of the rain. For example, I wear them when I leave the house to go to the bank, but once inside the bank, I am standing in line with my clunky and dripping-wet boots. Worse, they are hot and make my feet sweaty too. So, while they keep my feet dry, they are not very comfortable or practical.

An even better solution is this ... presenting the "rain shoe". They are water-resistant flats that also has excellent traction to avoid slipping on puddles. I love their funky colors like this one. It also comes in other color variations.

I think they are great cause they take care of keeping your feet dry, you can wear them indoors and out, and they actually look good too. This is my favorite, the navy blue shoe with lime green trim. For the more conservative, they also comes in just plain black and white.

For those who are interested, Nomad footwear is only available online for now. Click HERE to learn more about their company and the "Rain Shoe".


joyeee said...

wow cool shoes! Whoever had the idea of inventing rain shoes! haha its brilliant!!! but rains not very frequent in california right? This may sell really well in seattle! haha

Junarakasa said...

Yup, rain is not too frequent in California - but when it does rain, it really pours! =)

Auntie Lillian said...

I like the blue one with the green trim - looks very cool. Our rain has stopped for a few days - but supposed to rain again tomorrow and Saturday. Can't complain - at least, it will fill the reservoir some.

Jin said...

so cute!!! it would be great shoes in rainy summer!

leslie ty said...

Jo ! Did you see any Rainy Day shoes with heels? =)