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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weather for This Week

LA weather (as with many other places around the world, no doubt) has been so strange lately. It’s the middle of January and usually, it being the middle of winter, (yes, we experience winter, even in Southern California) that means low, low temps and dark, overcast skies. But this past week, it was more like early Spring weather. We had very nice, slightly warm weather. It’s still cold in the mornings and definitely chilly at night. But our mid-days had temps reaching the upper 70’s. From late mornings to early afternoons, we had sunny skies and very mild breezes. Of course, it’s nice to be able to go out with just a light sweater and to putter around the house in regular sweats. But honestly, I miss winter weather. I miss wearing thick wool coats, turning on the heater, making steaming cups of hot chocolate and snuggling under the blankets while watching the windows frost away.

Well, it looks like I am just about to get my wish granted. The weather reports show that a cold front is coming. And as a bonus, a week of rain is headed our way. I know it sounds so strange to be excited about rain – but I absolutely love rainy weather. There is nothing like staying in on a cold, rainy day and doing all the things I absolutely enjoy – reading, surfing the net, watching old movies, snuggling in bed, making hearty soups and stews, scrapbooking, tackling a home project, and just enjoying time at home. Even job searching (which is what I’m busy with most days) doesn’t seem too bad when I’m cooped up indoors anyway.

Here’s a snapshot of our weather for the week courtesy of The Weather Channel: (please click the picture to enlarge)

On a completely separate note: I just learned how to save print screens off the internet and then upload them to my blog. I am quite proud of myself since I am probably in the lowest 10% percentile when it comes to doing anything techie. Best of all, this time I figured it by myself - instead of asking Jojo to do it for me (which is how I usually get anything IT-related done). Believe it or not, it was actually easy to do using the Mac! Just another reason why I like Mac more than Windows! =)

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