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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fabulous Facials!

Today I had an appointment to get a facial. It was my first visit to the Natural Skin Care clinic in Torrance and my first time to meet Sunny. I was referred to her by my friend, Zuly. Anyway, I was early for my 12:30 appointment but Sunny graciously led me into a cozy waiting room. She told me to change into a robe and slippers. I found this strange since I was only there for a facial. After changing, she led me into a wide room with a very comfy looking bed (not the usual narrow cot in a dermatologist's office). This bed had fluffy pillows, crisp sheets and a down comforter. I got into bed and Sunny turned down the lights, closed the shades, played soft background music and lit scented candles. Then for the next hour she lathered a series of creams, oils and lotions on my face, neck, arms, back and legs. It was a pleasant surprise to get a massage along with my facial. She assured me that the oils and lotions were all natural and I would not have any allergic reactions. She described each one in her soothing voice. Things like aloe, seaweed, chamomile, etc. Each one had a different sensation. Some were cool and stimulating, others were warm and soothing, some were gritty (for exfoliating) and others were just mellow (to aid circulation). All of them smelled very clean and fresh.

After the massage, she turned on a machine that emits steam and directed it at my face. This was to soften my skin and open my pores. After about 5 minutes, she started the cleaning. She was extremely thorough. Like she had all the time in the world. She was very gentle though and I found myself to be thoroughly relaxed. After the cleaning, she brought a huge pot of boiling water with several herbs in it. The pot was placed infront of me and I was covered with a huge blanket. My body then started to absorb the vapors. It was kind of strange but I went along with it because I was feeling so relaxed and calm. After this she brought out super hot towels to wipe away the excess oils and sweat. Then super cold towels to close my pores. It was an extremely pleasurable experience.

After all this, she asked me if I wanted to take a nap. As much as I wanted to, I didn't feel that comfortable so I told her I would be going already. The whole thing took a little over 2 hours. After I got changed, she met me in the waiting area and told me she recommends I use more sunblock and moisturizers as my skin showed some sun damage and was also quite dry. She also recommends more regular facials since my pores are extremely clogged. Her bill was $90.00. I thought it was worth every penny. I totally felt relaxed and rejuvenated. It was a great experience. What was even better was she told me I could sign up for her "promo". If I paid for 10 sessions, she would only charge me $70.00 for each one. I thought that was a great deal. But I hesitated because I am in the process of looking for a job and have been "unemployed" and dependent on my husband for more than 18 months already! Haha. I don't want Jojo to think I am spending too much on "luxuries" when I am suppose to be job hunting! But I did tell him about my super good experience over dinner. And guess what? He was the one who suggested I should get the 10-session package. Am I married to the best guy in the world or what? =)


leslie ty said...

my answer is.... ABSOLUTELY! =)

I wish we have something like that here....i'm so inggit!=) honestly, the price is not that expensive considering it took almost 2 hours and she even offered to let you sleep in????

i want a facial too...and a massage...and a body scrub =)

Junarakasa said...

Les, I didn't want to sleep in kasi her next customer arrived na and although she had another "bed" it was separated from mine by a thin curtain lang. Nahiya naman ako to sleep while they were next to me =)

Don't worry, Les, I'll take you to Sunny when you come back to visit =) Also, am sure there are places like this in Manila. I think once Jojo and I went to Discovery and had a full body scrub/massage din. And I am sure the prices are pretty reasonable there too =)

Go for it, Les! Am sure you are going through a lot of stress now so a massage is exactly what you need!

leslie ty said...

will definitely have a leslie day soon...i can't believe planning a wedding can be THIS stressful! =)

Let's plan for the honeymoon soon =) Jogo mentioned last night na gusto nya mag VEGAS =) sabi ko i'm sooooo game to go to the US =)

Jeff said...

hey les and jo, sorry to use this as a way to communicate with you... i've been very busy over the past 4 weeks, since the last week of jan.

jo, i tried calling you on your bday, but u didnt answer your phone. hope you had a good one.

les, congrats again on your upcoming wedding. and yes, we should plan a trip together again soon. maybe we should tag along for les and jog's honeymoon. vegas seems like a good idea! :-)

i only got to read the last few entries today. i think last time was around mid jan pa.

joyeee said...

wow, sound totally relaxing!!! your descriptions made me imagine I was there too! haha:)

I think its definitely worth it considering it took over 2 hours!:) Here in Manila, facials can range from P2000-6000 depending on where you go and the kind of facial but usually its only for about an hour to an hour and a half the most! and your description on the treatment sounds so much better than the treatments here! haha:)

Junarakasa said...

Les, just saw your comment ... YAY! Vegas! Sige, let's plan that trip. You guys have to come to LA first, of course. Then we can drive to Vegas. Where else does Jogs want to go? Since first trip niya here, I am going to make sure he has a good time! (Just like Joce's first trip here!). I don't know why I feel personally responsible for this, but I do! =)

Jeff, hope you can make it nga. It's been a while since we last took a trip together. I think the last one was San Diego and that was a while back na. Les, keep us posted nalang ha?

Joybs, am sure you'll like Sunny too. Don't worry, we'll go together when you visit =) She's sort of like Nelfa and Emma combined! =)