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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a Day!

The last few days have been B-U-S-Y! Last Tuesday, my parents-in-law arrived from Manila and we spent most of the day over at my sister-in-law's catching up with them. That night, my father-in-law wasn't feeling well so they rushed him to the hospital. It turns out he had a minor stroke. His blood pressure and sugar level were also very high so they decided he needed to be confined. The next day, all of my in-laws had to go to work or had their kids to bring to school and pick up, so I volunteered to stay with my father-in-law. My mother-in-law was with us but since she was suffering from jet-lag, she herself wasn't feeling too well. Luckily I have a lot of in-laws (Jojo has 3 sisters and two brothers who live here - and they are all married). So between the 12 of us, they were constantly dropping by and checking up on us throughout the day. Later that evening, it was almost like a party in my father-in-law's room with everyone there!

Today, I went back to stay with my father-in-law. I actually don't mind doing this. After so many months of taking care of my own dad, I feel pretty at ease with taking care of someone in the hospital. Of course, hospitals here and those back home are very different! And when I say "different" ... I mean "different"! But pretty much the procedures and terminology are the same. It was all too familiar to me somehow. After several tests, doctor visits, and therapy sessions, my father in-law was given the go ahead to check out. Luckily it was a very mild stroke and he can continue his recuperation at home. We are all very relieved that he is alright and there are no major side effects. Although of course he now has to completely change his lifestyle and start taking better care of himself. But that's another story!

As we were driving home from the hospital, my sister-in-law (Marik) calls me and tells me that my niece (MJ) is suffering from severe stomach pains. Her pre-school teacher called MJ's mom (Edel, another sister-in-law) and told her that they wanted to call 911 and have MJ sent to the hospital because she was in so much pain. MJ had curled up and was crying so hard. Since Edel does not drive, Marik and I went to pick up MJ from school. Afterwards Marik had to go back to work so I took MJ to their home. She was still in pain so Edel and I took her to the doctor. While at the doctor's, Marik calls me and asks if I can pick up my other niece and nephew from school. Marik can no longer leave from work because she left earlier to get MJ. So I leave Edel and MJ at the doctor's and pick up Meredith and Jeremy and drop them at my in-laws. Then I go back for Edel and MJ. I bring them back to their place then I go back to my in-laws since I couldn't leave them with 4 rowdy kids (my father-in-law just suffered from a stroke and my mother-in-law has jet-lag, was with my father-in-law all night at the hospital and has not slept in almost 48 hours). I make the kids some snacks and help them with homework before leaving for my own doctor's appointment. After that I have to go back to my in-laws since I forgot that my father-in-law's medication was still in my purse! Luckily he doesn't have to take them till before his bedtime.

Long story short, my father-in-law is much better. He just needs some physical therapy. My mother-in-law was able to get some sleep. MJ is okay (turns out she has stomach flu). All my in-laws are now home and their kids are now all safe and sound. I just got home and am T-I-R-E-D but luckily Jojo has called and said I don't need to make dinner since he's taking care of that for me. It's been a long day ... I am just glad that everyone is now okay =) Whew!


Jojo_LYF said...

Thanks Luv!

Jeff said...

jojo, lucky you ;-)

Jeff said...

but i guess it's both ways... i think jo's lucky with you too :-)

leslie ty said...

what a day...and what a blog =) i was so worried the whole time I was reading it...THANK GOD everyone's okay =)

cute ng comments ni Jeff =)

Junarakasa said...

In this instance, it's definitely "Jojo, lucky you!" but in general I'm pretty much the lucky one =) Haha.

Yup, buti nalang everything turned out ok but yesterday as I was rushing around from one place to the other, I literally felt like I was Jack Bauer on 24 ... parang I could hear the clock ticking and I had to be in more than one place at the same time =) Feeling ba? =)

mom said...

It is such a relief to know that all are fine and that the anxiety period was brief. Now more than ever one really appreciates having family around. You always can use their help and support.