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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Reminiscing Weddings

I came across pictures of the recent wedding of Rica Peralejo (a local actress in Manila). You can see the pictures on this website, I think you will agree with me that it was a beautiful event. Even if I am not a "beach" person and have never been a fan of destination weddings, I found this to be an exception. I loved everything about her wedding. The look and feel of the ceremony, the bridal gown and the attire of the entire entourage, the colors used in the ceremony and reception, and all the little touches like her flowers, give-aways and decor. Everything was gorgeous, appropriate and carefully planned.

I absolutely love weddings. I love how two people love each other so much that they choose to share it with everyone they hold dear. Weddings bring together not only two hearts, but two sets of families and friends as well. It is such a momentous celebration that symbolizes things like commitment, trust and devotion. I love that weddings also reflect the lives and tastes of the couple. While some weddings are grand and lavish, others are simple and intimate. The celebration is but a reflection of the couple's personalities and what they find significant.

Looking back, my own wedding was a small and intimate affair. We had only 80 or so guests but they were the people that really mattered. We celebrated it with a winter theme because that is my absolute favorite season. Our colors were red and gold (colors I absolutely love because of the warmth and the happiness they exude). Our menu was carefully chosen and reflected our favorite and most memorable meals. Our flower arrangements were done so wonderfully and were patterned after floral arrangements I had worked hard to select. Our invitations, misalettes and wedding give-aways were so elegant and carefully prepared down to the last detail. The video montage my siblings prepared was extra touching. My dad's toast brought tears to our eyes. The deejay played music that both Jojo and I had selected. My gown was simple yet made me feel every bit like a bride. And my husband never looked better, in his dashing black suit.

Yes, of course, it was a lot of hard work and there were little things that didn't go quite as planned. My flower girl, Meredith, was barely two years and refused to pose for pictures. My hairstyle (I experimented with bangs that day!) started to "fall apart" by the time the ceremony ended and before the reception began. Our photographer insisted on taking certain shots that made us look stiff and robot-like. The extra food was not brought out in time. And the video of wedding messages from family and friends from Manila would not play. But those little quirks did not deter from making the event a day truly worth remembering.

Posing with our parents - December 18, 2004, Long Beach, CA


leslie ty said...

your wedding is one of my favorites =) I enjoyed going to LA and bonding with your the honeymoon in Palm Springs! I loooove the RED entourage dresses, your dad's speech, your first dance as a couple, the food at the reception... =)

joyeee said...

truly was a great wedding!:)

Auntie Lillian said...

You had a beautiful Christmas wedding, Joanne and Jojo - and two loving families came together. May your love continue to grow with each anniversary. We also enjoyed "our" honeymoon trip - haha !!

Junarakasa said...

Thanks Les, Joy and Auntie Lillian - also thanks to the 3 of you for making our wedding even more special =)