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Monday, February 08, 2010

Where Will I Find the Time?

I’ve gotten into a comfortable workweek routine the last couple of days. We wake up around 8:00 and while Jojo takes a shower, I make breakfast. We have either toast and eggs or oatmeal and cereal (depending on how late we wake up). While Jojo gets dressed for work, I make his lunch (usually a sandwich and a cup of soup). He leaves at 9:30. I do the dishes then I have the rest of the day to myself.

Mornings are spent checking my email, going on Facebook, surfing the net and job searching. I usually send out applications, if anything interesting pops up. I research companies on the web and I make phone calls. By lunchtime, I either meet up with a friend or a former co-worker, otherwise I eat at home. If it’s with a friend, it usually means meeting some place quick because they are on their lunch break. If I’m on my own, it’s usually a sandwich or leftovers while reading a book.

After lunch, I go to the gym (four times a week) for about 45 minutes. Then, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I volunteer at a homeless shelter. On the other days, I run errands. Either I go to the bank, the post office, the doctors, the pharmacy, the dry cleaners. Or depending on what we need at home I go to: Food for Less or Albertsons for fruits and veggies, Ranch 99 for meat and seafood, Trader Joe’s for prepared food, Walmart for household stuff, Seafood City for Pinoy stuff (like sardines, sinigang powder, etc.), and Costco for bulk items (like paper towels and detergent). I also have my occasional "me" time which means getting a mani-pedi, going to the hairdresser for a hot-oil or a trim, or going shopping (of course!).

I am at home usually by 5. I do one major “household” chore a day. It’s either laundry and folding clothes, or general cleaning, or changing towels and sheets, or taking out the trash, or re-arranging cluttered cabinets, etc. Then by around 6:30, I make dinner. Lately we have been eating at home more, mainly because I have more time to make a real meal. I sort the mail while waiting for Jojo to arrive. He is home by 7:30 and we have dinner together.

After dinner, Jojo does the dishes then relaxes by playing computer games or the Wii which leaves me time to blog or work on my recipe scrapbook. Sometimes I’m on the phone with my mom, my sister or a friend. Then around 9, Jojo and I watch tv together. We have a host of favorite shows lined up each night of the week. By 11:00, we are in bed, usually winding down the day by talking or watching the news. Jojo usually nods off first while I spend a few more minutes reading. After my evening prayers, it’s off to lala land.

Despite not having a job yet, my days are busy and quite fulfilled. And while I am excited to start working again and ready to start putting in 40-60 hours a week at a new job, I also wonder, where will I find the time to do everything I’ve gotten used to doing?


mom said...

Your days are full and happy. Enjoy this beautiful phase in your life.

Auntie Lillian said...

I really admire people that work full time and then come home and do the work at home . The way you are doing it now -everything is done at a leisurely pace and you get to enjoy everything.

joyeee said...

glad you are taking your time and just enjoying dets.. you need this before work starts!!! the shopping time, gym time, cooking "real meals", and meeting with friends might be lessened when work make the most out of it for now! enjoy:)

leslie ty said...

I'm so inggit with your life Jo! Wish I can do your routine...that's my dream job =)

Junarakasa said...

Yup, you said it Auntie Lillian "it's a leisurely pace" but for some reason I find myself sometimes rushing around too (I think it's just me, I love the feeling of having lots to do and pretending I still have deadlines!). =)

Les, you would probably like this schedule for, oh, maybe 2 weeks tops! After that I think you would be so bored! =) Ikaw pa, your days are so busy and full of social events! =) Sometimes I'm inggit naman sa 'yo =) Speaking of socials, any wedding updates??? =)