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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food and other stuff

There are a couple of things I've been advised to give up during my pregnancy. Like smoking and doing drugs. But since I neither smoke nor do drugs .... it hasn't really been hard to give that up!

Here are a list of foods that I have to give up for the next few weeks/months .... FYI this list is MUCH HARDER to give up!
1.) Sushi / Sashimi
2.) Coffee and Tea (unless it's decaf tea)
3.) Canned tuna
4.) Coke and Diet Coke (actually all kinds of soda for that matter)
5.) Hot sauce / Chili sauce (it causes heartburn)
6.) Oysters on the half-shell (which I was so tempted to eat last Sunday but was luckily able to control myself!).

I've also been advised to limit my carb intake. Cut down on rice, bread, pasta, potatoes and starches. This is SUPER HARD for me too - I'm a Pinoy at heart and most meals are not complete without rice =( I've tried to limit these carbs to lunch time so that I can at least try to burn up the calories the rest of the day .... (operative word is "TRY").

I've also been trying to limit my sugar consumption cause I am worried about gestational diabetes. Also, since high blood sugar runs in my family and Jojo's, I'm trying to be careful to spare Jellybean that while he/she is still developing.

While I can not find myself enjoying anything greasy or fried these days (the smell of cooking oil still drives me insane!). Here is a list of food I've been craving:
1.) Nectarines
2.) Clementine Oranges
3.) And ... Steak (I've been dreaming of a a prime rib dinner from House of Prime Rib in San Francisco for days now!).
*It's a weird list, I know!

Oh and in other exciting news ... I bought my first maternity dress yesterday. While, I don't need maternity clothes just yet, my mom did advise me to start looking around. Coincidentally my friend, Mar, sent me a coupon for a 30% discount off Gap and Banana Republic. So I decided to browse and found a really nice jersey dress at Gap Maternity. I think I can even wear it now and probably all the way till I deliver. It's really nice and perfect for work (and maybe even going out too). So I was excited and ordered it online. It should be here in the next 7 days =)


joyeee said...

oh my gosh....not eating sushi, sashimi, oysters, drinking soft drinks, and most of all- CHILI SAUCE- is so hard!!! but hands up to you...and ofcourse for jellybean's safety!!! You can do it dets...:) just 6 more months to go!:)

wow, you bought a dress? i want to see it or at least describe it for me. I wish I can shop with you...hehehe we can make maternity outfits fashionable! :)

keep me posted on the latest developments.

Auntie Lillian said...

Glad you are craving for clementines and nectarines - pretty healthy stuff. Giving up diet colas would be hard for me as I crave for it once in a while. Your baby is lucky to have a mom who watches out for him/her.
Take care, mom to be.

Junarakasa said...

Hey Joybert, yesh, I think the hardest thing to give up is chili sauce for me! You know how I love spicy food! =) Oh, that and giving up junk food. I would love a big bag of Doritos right about now (have to distract myself so I stop thinking about it!) Hahaha.

Hi Auntie Lillian. Actually giving up soda isn't as hard as I thought. But yesterday, we were at a family picnic and it was so warm that a cold glass of diet coke looked awfully tempting! =)