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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Jojo and were taking a walk last night and got to talking about how much our lives will change once Jellybean arrives. Of course, at this point, it's hard to say how much exactly our lives will be different. But it would be an easy assumption to make that things will be quite drastically different. For starters, we will soon be responsible for the well-being and happiness of an entirely different human being. That is definitely going to mean making some changes.

Overall, our life together as a couple has been ideal. We live pretty "selfish" lives. By "selfish", I don't mean that we don't share or that we withhold certain aspects of it. But rather, we live our lives according to our whims and what makes us happy. I guess rather than the word "selfish", what better describes us would be "indulgent". Take last weekend for example. We wake up when we want to wake up and sleep in when we want to sleep in. Once we get up from bed, Jojo goes straight to his computer (playing games and checking Facebook!). I take my sweet time just lounging around in bed and watching tv under the covers. I told Jojo once Jellybean gets here, we probably have to get up when he/she gets up and then we have to feed him/her when we do.

For lunch we either eat in when we are in the mood to cook or eat out when we are too lazy to make anything. Our food choices are mostly what we feel like eating that day - it could be dimsum or Mexican food or salads at Souplantation, or even good old leftovers and ever reliable canned goods. Of course, when Jellybean arrives, we would now have to consider what he/she would eat when we go out to dine. My sister-in-law was telling me they haven't been to any good, sit down restaurants in a while (and absolutely no "ethnic foods" at all) since all her kids like to eat are chicken fingers and mac n cheese. Then there is of course not being able to sit down to eat together as we would probably have to take turns feeding and playing with Jellybean (and hoping he/she does not break out in a tantrum while we are eating with other people!).

In the afternoons, Jojo and I sometimes go to the gym or go shopping. We usually browse bookstores or catch a movie. Sometimes we hang out with friends. All that would have to change for a while since having a baby means doing things the baby can do and wants to do (it's no longer about what the parents want to do!). Even going to mass in the evenings will have to change. We will no longer be able to sit in the front pews where we now sit and will have to sit at the back pews (separated by the clear glass) with the rest of the parents with fussy babies! =)

Jojo and I were laughing about all the little changes we would have to make to our routines. Like waking up extra early in the mornings (or in the middle of the night) to take care of Jellybean's needs first. Like giving up going on vacations to the places we planned to go and designating Disneyland and Sea World as our vacation destinations for the next few years. Like skipping our favorite tv shows in the evenings because maybe they aren't rated PG and accepting the fact that the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon will be the channels of choice in our home rather than HBO and HGTV. Like how most of our savings will now go to buying toys and books and children's clothes. Lots more, of which I have no doubt! Sigh. I still think it will all be worth it though!


mom said...

There will no doubt be a lot of changes in your lives when jellybean makes his/her appearance. But whatever they may be, it will be all worth it. Trust me. I have been there.

jencc said...

it's gonna be an amazing journey. just hold on tight and enjoy!!!

Auntie Lillian said...

It will definitely be different - all your waking moments will be spent on Jellybean - be it taking care of her needs or just watching her sleep ( and being amazed ). Even grandparent's lives are different - but we sure enjoy it.

joyeee said...

awww....I love mom's post!:) Don't worry dets, i'll be there to help too! and as for going to disney and sea world- im so up to that task! haha:) I love themeparks!

Junarakasa said...

Thanks, mom! =) I'm glad you thought the changes the 5 of us have brought are worth it! =)

Hi Apple. I am so excited to get started =)

Auntie Lillian, I have to see pictures of your new grand-daughter. I have heard she is beautiful =) Congrats again!

Joybee, ok, you can officially be in charge of taking Jellybean to theme parks (as you know ... that's not my favorite thing to do!). hahaha.