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Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're Back (Not That We Really Left)

We're back home. Actually we didn't really go anywhere ... but since we had our place fumigated for termites, we decided to check in to a hotel and have a mini vacation of sorts. It did kinda, sorta feel like a vacation even if we were less than 4 miles from our house! It was nice though to come home every day to a clean room, have fresh towels and crisp linens waiting, and to have the airconditioner turned on 24/7 (such perfect timing too since this week and next we are in the upper 90's). Also, Jojo and I purposely did not bring our notebooks and so it was a blissful, no=technology break for us too (of course, Jojo could not resist and had his Blackberry with him at all times). But other than that, it was very relaxing!

So anyway, we are back home today and there are so many little things that need to be done. Wash the sheets, wash the dishes, empty out the fridge, re-stock our pantry/fridge, wipe down counters, remove plastic covers, etc. All of these are precautionary but since Jellybean is with us, we have to be safe rather than sorry. I am soooo glad that our housekeeper, Louisa is here today and is able to help me with all these. What a godsend!

Other than that, our weekend is pretty uneventful. We took some of my colleagues from work for dimsum at PV Palace yesterday. It was their first time. It was actually very funny how they had a million and one questions about every single dish! They kind of had their "quirks " (for lack of a better word). Faten is vegetarian, Rubi is the most un-adventurous eater on the planet, and Osei does not like vegetables. So between the three of them, plus Jojo and I, we had a lot of fun sampling different dimsum dishes.

Today, I think we'll be staying in and just tidying up the house. Probably mass later in the afternoon and Mitsuwa for dinner (I love their authentic Japanese food court where you can get little Japanese bento boxes!).

In Jellybean news, we'll not much to report. My morning sickness is more controlled now and my sense of smell is no longer as sensitive. I've been able to have more normal meals these days. We've started receiving gifts for the little Bean (books on parenting, Baby Einstein CDs, and Jellybean's first official onesie). So cute! And sweet of everyone too =) Thanks to Tita Marik, Tita Tracy and Tita Cha =)

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