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Sunday, August 08, 2010


It's been just two days since we've found out we're about to become parents and to be very truthful, Jojo and I are acting like we've been ready for this since forever! In my case, I've been going through a rough few days. For starters, the term "morning sickness" is very misleading. It is by no means limited to just "mornings". I think the term should more aptly be "all-day sickness" because honestly that's what it feels like to me. I feel like I am perpetually in a state of nausea. Most times it is controllable (meaning I can function although carefully and go about life) but there are moments where I need to just lie down till the feeling subsides. My appetite has been so strange too. I no longer cringe at the thought of dairy but am now literally disgusted by anything greasy. The other day just watching a tv commercial featuring Burger King french fries made me want to upchuck! And walking by the food court earlier made me imagine all sorts of greasy food, it was just too much for my sensitive nostrils to bear. I don't know why but even my favorite Puff Cheetos disgusts me (why do they have to be so bright orange!?).

I guess that's the good thing. So far I've been eating really healthy food. I am also over the craving for meat. During the last few meals, I am very happy with steamed tofu, fresh salads and bowls of clear soup. I've been really ravenous for fruits and Jojo has been indulging me. He's cut up fresh papayas, watermelons, nectarines and peaches. And has been washing fresh blueberries, strawberries and cherries whenever I have a hankering. Jojo has been extra indulgent too - doing the dishes, taking care of the laundry, picking up items at the supermarket, and making sure I am comfortable at all times. Aaah! I could really get used to this =)

Today I've been browsing some websites on pregnancy. Because we don't know yet how far along I am or when I am due, we are speculating that I am between 1-3 months. I've been looking at pictures of how big the baby should be at that stage. Really - just about the size of a jellybean (I guess). So I've started referring to the baby as "Jellybean". And Jojo has started doing that too. Like this afternoon, I woke up from a nap and Jojo comes into the room to ask if "Jellybean and I would like to go to the 5 PM or the 6 PM mass". Haha! - isn't that absolutely precious? Jellybean, it is then!

I guess we are not the only ones excited. So far we've only shared the news with immediate family (will definitely share it with all our loved ones once I see my doctor this week). But already the outpouring of love and acceptance for little Jellybean has been incredible. My family and Jojo's family have been so wonderful in their show of support. All I can say is Jellybean is one lucky baby to have such a great family waiting for him/her. And of course, we are equally lucky to have Jellybean come join us too =)


mom said...

Our love for nicknames is evident. It has began for the newest addition to the family. Welcome Jellybean.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, jo. happy for you.


joyeee said...

OMG, jellybean also starts with the letter "J"!!! How cool is that! Mom's right.. we love making names and calling each other with new names everytime! But I agree, Jellybean is the cutest!!! How are you and Jellybean feeling today?

Jeff said...

hi jo and jojo, congratulations! i am very happy to hear. we've all been waiting for this! make sure you take good care of yourself. now, i will want to check your blog for regular updates :)

chico said...

Jacob said "good job jojo!" haha Ü Congratulations to you both!

I was also craving only for fruits during my first trimester. Now, I eat everything in sight. Ü

Junarakasa said...

Thanks everyone =)

Chico ... we'll have to do a "baby version" of Man vs Food soon! =)