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Saturday, August 07, 2010


We took a pregnancy test today ... it came out positive. The pregnancy kit claims it is 99% accurate ... so until I see my OB-GYN, I guess I am 99% pregnant. =) I don't know how to explain what I am feeling right now. I was in shock when the second line appeared on the stick. Jojo was at my side and his happiness was instantaneous. Mine took a few minutes before it sunk in! I called my mom right away but it was 5 AM Manila time so I didn't let the phone ring too long and when no one picked up, I called my sisters-in-law. Marik and Tracy. Jojo called his mom and his brother, Lee. I texted Atsi. When I spoke to people, that's when it started to feel real ... I cried when Marik cried. Good, happy tears. It's still surreal and I am still a bit dazed (which is why this post sounds so stilted). Anyway, more on all this when I catch my breath ...

But for now, all I can say is "thank you God and thank you dad!".


joyeee said...

SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND JOJO!!! IM SO EXCITED....!!! When you told me over the phone, i just couldnt believe it. truly God and dad heard your prayers. Everything does happen for a reason... and God really answers our prayers. It's a matter of time only! I can't wait to be an aunt. :) (remember before we just admire baby outfits and say how cute they are, but now, we have reason to buy! hehe) CONGRATS to both of you!
P.S. 99% being pregnant is a good number for me...but do tell me what the doctor says too!
P.P.S. red room for baby! blue room for me...hahaha joke :)

Junarakasa said...

Cubs, you and Jellybean can share the blue room =) I am sure you guys will get along just great =)

mom said...

Your early morning news was the best thing I heard in a very long time. I and everyone else here at home are so very happy. Indeed God is so good.

leslie ty said...

oh my GOD ! =) i'm soooo happy for you and Jojo =) I just read your blog and this is really a great news =) It comes in threes...All my secondary sponsors (you, Cha n Su) are pregnant! =) unbelievable =) really really truly happy for you and Jojo =)