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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fourth Letter

Dear Jellybean,

Happy 24th week my darling baby girl! Your 24th week is actually tomorrow but since I have this Sunday afternoon off ... I thought I would get a headstart in writing this letter. As I type this letter to you, your dad is in your nursery applying a second coat of white paint to the crownmolding. He is being quite anal about getting every nook and cranny! Everything is starting to come together rather nicely. Two weeks ago, your Auntie Jenny and Uncle Mark came over and together we painted your room a happy shade of yellow. It's called Pale Daffodil and it looks like a beautiful burst of sunshine has spilled into the nursery.

Uncle Mark also re-did your closet floors (removing the carpet and installing wood laminate) while Auntie Jenny made sure all your cabinets and shelves are spic and span. It's now ready to be filled with all your clothes and toys! Your furniture has arrived also but we are holding off on putting it together just yet. Maybe over the Xmas holidays when your Tito Lee and Tito Jay come over to help your dad assemble everything.

Things have been going rather well this 2nd trimester. My only concern these last few days is I have not felt you move at all. I've been reading countless baby books and websites - most of them say it is normal to feel flutters starting around the 18th to 22nd week. Since tomorrow is the start of my 24h week, I am obsessing about why I have not felt you move at all. Your dad is convinced that I am being overly paranoid. I can't help it! I desperately want to know you are ok. I shared my concerns with your Aunties ... all of them reassured me that every pregnancy is different and some babies are just felt moving at a later time. Auntie Tracy said she didn't feel Sydney move till her 28th week while Auntie Len said she only felt Jeremy move in her 7th month.

I am somewhat relieved ... Then this morning, I think I did feel you move ... I felt a very subtle movement in my lower belly. Kind of like air bubbles in my tummy. I lay very still and placed my hands over the same area but I felt nothing. I gently wiggled my belly and there was another subtle flutter. I was so excited I yelled for your dad to come - he did - but apparently you were done moving for the day. Even after I wiggled my belly a few more times, I didn't feel anything anymore. I think that was your way of telling us to stop waking you up from your sleep! =) I guess I will just have to try and be patient, Bean, and wait for you to move when you are good and ready.

I've been reading the website where they track the weekly average size and weight of babies throughout the pregnancy. This 24th week you are over a pound in weight and around 12 inches in length (from your head to your toes). This is so amazing. An honest to goodness miracle! And you truly are! Let me tell you why, Bean. Last March 2010, I was diagnosed with an "illness" (well, not really an "illness" but for lack of a better word, I'll just use "illness" for now). Anyway, this "illness" that I had made having a baby almost impossible. I was so sad and depressed then. But when we conceived you three months later, I thought I had overcome the "illness". About 2 weeks ago, I saw another doctor who was convinced that I still have the "illness" (and will be treated for it after I deliver you). So while I know that every baby conceived is a miracle, your conception is an even greater miracle because you were conceived despite me being "ill". You are truly our miracle baby! I can not thank the Heavens enough for sending you to us.

I pray that you continue to grow strong and healthy. And I continue to wait excitedly for the day we will finally get to meet.

Love you, Beanie!

SIDE NOTE: Beanie actually made her presence felt that very night! As Jojo and I were lying down, watching tv, I felt a light jab on my lower belly. One, two, three jabs and it stopped. I thought I imagined it. After a few seconds, there it was again. One, two, three! By the 2nd jab, I actually grabbed Jojo's hand and placed in on my belly and he felt the third jab! I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining it or just willing it to happen. Jojo confirmed it though - Beanie was definitely letting us know she was up and about!


leslie ty said...

i'm really really really happy for you and Jojo...Jellybean is truly heaven sent...i wonder if she'll look like you or jojo? i'm so excited =)

happy 24th week dear jellybean !!!

Junarakasa said...

Thanks, Les! =) So many people have been wondering nga who Bean will lookm like ... I'm guessing she'll look like us both (since so many people have said Jojo and I look alike too!). Hahaha. Hope you have a great week ahead! Take care!

joyeee said...

awww...beanie's so cute:) she wants to make her presence felt!:) wish im there to help out too. soon dets!!! for now, just take care of yourself and dont overwork:) see ya guys soon.
P.S. Nice of atsi and mark to help youguys around too:)P