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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Other Weird Things

Here are a few other weird things I am experiencing during this stage of pregnancy. (Well maybe "weird" isn't the right word, but rather some "unusual" things that are going on with me):

1.) These days I get sleepy really early (I can actually go to bed at 9 PM!) but for no discernible reason I wake up between 4 and 4:30 AM and am unable to sleep for the next two hours. I don't wake up cause I'm in any sort of pain, nor do I need to go to the bathroom. Actually there is nothing that happens at that time but like clockwork I wake up and can not sleep again till around 6 AM. Jojo and I are convinced that it's Jellybean's way of letting me know she's awake and wants some time with me. So while Jojo sleeps, I talk to Bean, pray with her, listen to Baby Einstein, or read baby books. This has been going on for the last 2 weeks.

2.) I am still not wearing maternity clothes (they are still too loose) but can not fit into most of my regular clothes either. So I'm kind of in-between and wearing my "fat clothes". Thank God I am pregnant during the Fall/Winter season when layering is in!

3.) I am hot all the time. "Hot" as in "feeling warm" and not "hot" as in "sexy!". These days the weather is SUPER COLD - let me illustrate by describing what Jojo wears to bed the last few nights. He's in thick jogging pants, a shirt, a long-sleeved sweatshirt, and sports socks. He's in bed with a fleece blanket and a down comforter. Plus we have a mini-heater on his side of the room. I on the other hand am in regular cotton pajamas (short-sleeved) and am content with just the blanket (half the time I have to kick it off at night cause I get too warm). Another reason I am grateful to be pregnant during the Fall/Winter season.

4.) I get some mild headaches at the end of the day (they last anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours). They are not bad headaches but noticeable. We think it's just me getting tired from work. The headaches are usually gone by the time we have dinner and get ready for bed. Also, Jojo has been learning acupressure and has been massaging my palm and it really helps! We're going to see my eye doctor this weekend just to be sure though.

5.) My tummy and breast area get INCREDIBLY ITCHY! I am constantly lathering with moisturizing lotion and talcum powder just to relieve the itch. I've been told it is because my body is stretching to accommodate the baby. That thought makes me happy but I can't say it helps with relieving itchiness.

6.) My falling hair seems to have abated somewhat or rather it is no longer concentrated in just one area anymore ... I'll post more on this in a separate entry. Much to talk about but still need a few more "tests"/ doctor visits to be sure.

7.) And as I mentioned in my last blog entry, I find myself very emotional lately. Not in a hysterical, overly-dramatic way ... but rather in a mushy, sentimental kind of way =)

As the days, weeks, months go by, things keep changing and my body goes through these strange phases ... pregnancy sure is interesting!


joyeee said...

hey its a really good thing that you are preggy during the fall/winter months!!! It so works for you- the weather, the clothes, etc.

All these things that you mentioned I think are normal, as far as what I read about pregnancy effects and stuff.

Don't worry- just 3 more months and we'll get to meet "Jamie" or "Jodie"...which is it by the way? Any news on the votes?!

chico said...

Jo Lim! For the itchy tummy try bio oil (available in amazon). This was what I used when I was pregnant to avoid getting stretchmarks. Glad to say it worked. Ü

Junarakasa said...

Joybert, will reveal Jellybean's name by Xmas (so watch out!). Hahaha. Dramatic ba?

Hi Chico, thanks so much for the tips and all the emailed advice and kwento that you've sent. Sana we lived closer to each other, it would be really nice to have someone to bond with over all my little "paranoia-s"! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon =)
P.S. I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter for my tummy - it's also suppose to help with stretch marks. But will look up the bio oil too =)