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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life Lessons

There are two very significant moments in my life that have helped me learn and adhere to two very significant lessons.

The two significant moments are:
1.) Working for the "Bank" from 2006-2008 where I was literally a slave to money and under so much stress my health and my personal life were deteriorating; and
2.) My dad's illness and untimely passing.

The two significant lessons are:
1.) Having a job is important as it shapes who you are professionally and personally but no job is worth being stressed all the time, getting sick over, and losing sleep for; and
2.) A huge salary, prestige, great benefits can only hold a person's interest for so long - there will come a time when you realize it is not worth it.

My hubby is learning these lessons on his own and during this time, I just want him to know that I support him and am behind him one hundred and one percent!


joyeee said...

Jojo sure is lucky to have you!!!:) Hope you guys are having a great Christmas! I've been waiting for your to post pictures or to post a blog about it....but I understand with the Christmas rush...and all the cookings/gift wrapping/ parties- you guys must be pretty busy! Merry Christmas to you both!!!:)

Jin said...

I totally agree with you! I had really hard time when I was in Loreal. It gave me momey and prestige, but my health and life were ruined! Now, I am also having time like Jojo. Hope to find my own happy way!