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Monday, December 13, 2010

Maternity Tour

Yesterday Jojo and I joined 5 other couples as we attended a tour and orientation held at the Torrance Memorial Hospital maternity ward. We started the afternoon with some snacks and then the rest of the hour was spent meeting the nursing staff, listening to important details, getting familiar with the various procedures, and visiting the labor/delivery room, the NICU, the operating room, and the mommy & baby recovery room.

It was a nice experience and I really appreciated getting a peek at what's going to happen on our big day. The maternity floor at Torrance Memorial was also very nicely decorated (tasteful both for mommies and babies). Everyone seemed very efficient but at the same time the staff were all really super supportive and very accommodating. They literally have thought of everything to make our hospital stay as convenient and stress-free as possible. Everything seemed very clean and almost sterile without losing out on warmth and homeyness.

I also loved how strict the were with making sure everything was clean and secure. They had all these measures in place to make sure no one could walk away with our baby or switch babies by mistake. With all the labor-related things I have been thinking about, that has not even crossed my mind, so I was really glad that they had that part covered.

Also, the procedures were all super duper efficient - each room had a nurse assigned (as well as roving nurses that were on hand to assist further). There are specialists available 24/7 (for both the mommy's and the baby's care). Everything was very state of the art. I really felt at ease with how everything was described despite all my apprehensions. I felt very reassured and calmed by the whole experience. And as an added bonus we got lots of freebies to take home after wards - that's always nice! =)

We are pretty much decided to have Beanie over at Torrance Memorial but just for comparison's sake, we are also doing the "Tea and Tour" over the Little Company of Mary Providence Hospital next month. That is also a really nice facility so it can't hurt to go have a look. After all, we only want the very best for our baby girl =)


joyeee said...

wow!!! hospitals there are so efficient and they really care for their patients...unlike here in the Philippines! haha 3 months to go!!! :)
P.S. Sorry couldnt talk over the phone. Had soarthroat for the past 2 days and no voice at all!

leslie ty said...

this is so cool! =) do we have this in manila? =)