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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Gift Ideas I Love

1. Smartshopper Grocery List Assistant - voice-activated grocery list maker
Why I love it: I am the quintessential "to do" list person. Which means I also love making grocery lists! The only problem is I usually forget what needs to go on my list when I'm actually making them. This new gadget allows me to record what I need when I need them and come grocery day, I press "print" and an instant grocery list is printed for me (arranged by category too!).

2. Rishitea (Tea-on-the-go) - home-made, all-natural chilled tea with the shake of a bottle.
Why I love it: It has several flavors including my all time favorite genmai (roasted rice). Yummy, refreshing and good for you too!

3. Sunscreen wipes - easy to apply sunscreen protection
Why I love it: When you live in LA, which is sunny almost year-round, you need some type of sunscreen protection that's easy to bring along, doesn't take too much space, and that you can lather on in a hurry. Plus since I don't like staying under the sun more than I have to, these wipes provide me just enough protection from when I'm crossing the mall parking lot to get to my car!

4. Stemless wine glasses - the "non-goblet" glass.
Why I love it: I think it looks so modern and sleek. Plus it fits in the dishwasher too (unlike most wine glasses).

5. Edible Arrangements – fresh fruit bouquets for every occasion.
Why I love it: Well, it’s a beautiful bouquet … that you can eat … need I explain more??? BTW, it’s not as easy to make as it looks (believe me, I tried!).

6. Revashelf - pull-out stainless steel panel organizer with shelves and hooks to keep cookware organized and out of sight.
Why I love it: Anyone who has seen my cupboard for pots and pans will know why I need this!

7. Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop and Stack - modern ice-cream scooper that allows you to stack ice cream.
Why I love it: For the non-bakers like me, this is a wonderful way to make desserts look like works of art.

8. Toastess Cordless Warming Tray - heats food for up to 60 minutes (after an 8-minute charge).
Why I love it: Whenever I have buffets at home, my food always tends to turn cold before the last guest has helped him/herself. I don't like the "clunkiness" of usual chafing dishes and I hate the tangled cords of traditional food warmers. This is both a sleek and tangle-proof option.

9. Bath Bees from Gianna Rose Atelier – bee-shaped bath capsules which contain a soothing blend of sunflower oils, extracts off bee balm, royal jelly and bee pollen.
Why I love it: It’s supposedly great for your skin and the little bee shapes are so darn cute too! I also love how this company markets their products as “couture soaps”.

10.. Tsp Spice – pre-measured herb and spice packets (30 varieties to choose from including coriander, fennel seed, cumin, thyme, allspice, turmeric, sage, etc). Each tin can has 12 one teaspoon packets.
Why I love it: Pre-measured spices that are kept fresh in individual packets. Every time I cook, many recipes require several “exotic” sounding ingredients. What’s worse, most dishes need a teaspoon or just a pinch of each ingredient. I have countless bottles of dried spices lying around my spice cabinet - most of which are still full. And whenever I need to use them again most of the spices have gone stale.
Can you think of anymore great gift ideas???


Ben said...

Hi Joanne, I am so glad that you are back into blogging again.....Your Dad had so many wonderful stories about his life and how proud he was of you. He kept asking me to visit your site so I can comment on the things you are writing. He had a different story to tell everytime I meet him. He talked about his experiences when he was kidnapped, his stock market strategies, his love for ballpens, how he enjoyed getting a vacation after so many years of working, etc........In the short time I was with him. He had given me all the lessons I need to put my life into perspective. Ben Tio, Manila Philippines

Joanne said...

Hi Uncle Ben. Thank you for visiting my site. I am so glad to hear from you. At first I was really hesitant to blog again - since my dad was my blog's biggest fan, I kind of felt it would not be the same without him. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is something I shared with him (and will continue to do so even if he's not physically here). I am sure dad is still reading this from up there!

And yes, dad did have lots of stories and lessons to share. I am glad he has touched your life too.

By the way, I was really glad to meet you when I was in Manila. I also appreciate your visits to see dad and your help in finding an alternative med doctor.

Take care and hope you can visit my blog once in a while.

mom said...

Enjoyed going through your gift ideas. I especially liked your choices in the kitchen department. It reminds me of the time we went through Crate and Barrel choosing gifts for your wedding. That was a fun time that will always live in my memory.

leslie Ty said...

oh my! i love ALL your gift ideas! =) super Martha Stewart-ish ! =)

Can you write naman abut your 10 Favorite things? =)
wala lang...mala-Oprah =)