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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Day

Today we celebrated the 40th day since my dad's passing. Technically my dad's 40th day is not till Wed, (the 24th). But we wanted to celebrate with all of us present and with a mass - so we agreed to do it the Sunday before the actual day. Coincidentally today is also Father's Day. So there are two reasons to celebrate my dad today.

We went to the 11 AM mass at St. Margaret Mary in Lomita, then had lunch at Macaroni Grill. Here are some pictures right before we started eating.

Atsi and Mark

Jojo, me and Jules

Happy Father's Day to all my uncles, titos, in-laws and friends who are now proud members of the Dad Club!


Anonymous said...

Hi joanne.....Our family also had a small reunion yesterday at your home. Rose, Jill and Philip and also tita Eva came after lunch as they ate outside,,, William, Scarlet, grandma, Notsky and i, your mom, joy and jim had a great lunch... some of the food was bought outside as potluck. It was a spur of the moment grandma wanted to eat out and also practice playing mahjong. She is still trying to get back her skills before playing with her friends at Sanlo. But she's getting there!!! During lunch, i suggested that the family should meet again regularly once a week every sunday lunch as we did before and spend at least 3 hours of time in these gatherings.... Life is too short!!! The arrangement and preparation each sunday will be handled by someone in charge...1st Sunday of each month will be handled by the kids ,,Joy, Jim, Notsky, Jill and Chester, Tonton. 2nd Sunday will be Rose, Scarlet and William, 3rd sunday, by your mom and the last sunday by me. That's the plan so far and everyone is excited especially your siblings and cousins.... its also a good way to learn and prepare oneself to cook dishes especially for those of you who wish to migrate.
Regarding the travel plans for the family using my timeshares.... go to google and type Interval International...RESORT DIRECTORY HOME it.... click select a region....for example USA lets say Orlando, Florida.... website will open all the resorts in that area.... lets say you click on Blue Tree will see on the right hand side, the information about the resort, check-in days, sleeping capacity, distance to the airport, pictures of the resort, weather, amenities of the resort etc... Normally, i would look for the area that i would like to go first and see the # of resorts in the area... the more resorts, the more chances for us to get a resort... Next, i check the accomodations. I would always try to get those that has 2 bedrooms that could accomodate 6 persons...Since my home unit that i am giving up to the exchange has 2 bedrooms good for 6. Some resorts offer only 1 bedroom that can accomodate 4. I refrain from exchanging my time share unless i really have to. LUGI KASI TAYO!!! BTW, some resorts that are listed are not easy to get in as they are classified 5 star and would normally exchange their units also to other 5 star resorts... example Marriot & Westin Resorts. But sometimes, we are lucky to get those resorts as there are so many units in the area like during your honeymoon at Marriot Palm Dessert Springs. I also try to go to places that are near each other so that air travel expenses or land travel is manageable. Like, 2 years ago, i travelled 1st to Orlando for a week, then to Naples ( 3 hours drive), then to Key West (4 hours drive), then to Miami (2 hours drive)....then flew to SF to attend Notsky graduation.
So for our travel plans, my best bet would be Orlando, Las Vegas, my home resort at Naples..... but you can check around other areas that are interesting since that's your task. We need also at least 6-8 months of booking time to improve our chances to get in... Interval International will notify me when these resorts that we want to go to are available....when i accept, then a confirmation is forwarded to me and i will be billed $200 for the fee. The unit is reserved for my use for that week.... we cannot cancel a confirmation!!! So,,, get moving and start working on your DREAM!!!

leslie Ty said...

ang cute ni Uncle Wash...pati step on how to check his time share pinost nya =) hihihi =)

can i join also your next travel with Uncle Wash? =)

Joanne said...

Unc, thanks for walking me through the site. I sent you an email to discuss some options I found. Let me know what you think.

Les, you are more than welcome to join us any time =)