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Monday, June 22, 2009

To Switch or Not To Switch

Jojo has been asking me lately if I want a Kindle. For those of you that don’t know what a Kindle is … it is a wireless reading device that allows you to read books, magazines and newspapers right at the palm of your hand. Since I LOVE to read, Jojo thinks this makes the perfect gift for me. Especially since I can go through an entire book in a couple of hours and am always on the lookout for new books to read. Also because I don't have that much space to house my growing collection.
This is what a Kindle looks like:
Why switching to a Kindle makes sense:
• It is 1/3 of an inch thick (almost as thin as most magazines) and is small at 8” x 5.3”.
• It is very light (10.2 ounces) so I can take it anywhere.
• It is wireless and allows you to download books anytime and anywhere.
• No monthly fees or service plans.
• Books can be delivered in less than 60 seconds.
• The screen reads like paper and text can be adjusted to become larger or smaller.
• Long battery life (you can read for days without recharging).
• Holds over 1,500 books at a time. You can delete books and add books anytime.
• There is a large selection of books to choose from. Over 285,000 and counting.
• Has a new text-to-speech feature which means it can read aloud to you.
• It can hold a whole library of books in one device (think of all the space I would be saving!).

But switching is not that simple:
• Aside from just “reading” what I love most is browsing bookstores and shopping for books.
• I like holding a new book in my hands and running my fingers across the pages.
• I like the smell of a new book. I love breathing in the smell of printed paper.
• I like the feel of holding the page corners between my fingers as I turn the page.
• Sometimes I like to highlight a good line or a good idea.
• I like having my books on display and seeing the colors and the artwork on bookcovers.
• I like the lightweight feel of paperbacks and the heaviness of a hardcover on my hands.
• I like my copies of long time favorites dog-eared and creased from being read too many times.
• I like receiving them from family and friends.
• And I also like being able to share a good book with someone who I think would enjoy it too.

I am so torn between switching to a modern, sleek and high-tech Kindle and leaving the familiarity, comfort and reliability of having actual books. What do you guys think?


leslie Ty said...

hmm... why don't you try the Kindle might like the NEW comfort it can give you =) imagine having a mini library in the kindle! =)

meme co said...

hi jo! the Kindle looks like a great invention for voracious readers! i would go for it esp if you dont want clutter in your home...i think if my mom hears about Kindle she would ask me to get one as i continue to leave my books lying around!=) but then again, nothing beats the real thing!=)

Jojo_LYF said...

Just give the word that you want it, and I'll order it.

I know you will miss the smell of a new book or the turning of the page, but the kindle is a device that you can take anywhere, you can bookmark where you stopped without creasing the page and you can make it a reference, if you need to find something.

Joanne said...

Les, inspite of all the good things about it ... I think I'm still "traditional-at-heart". =)

Meme, so nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Sige, come here and we'll get you the Kindle nalang. And you can definitely have my shrimp scampi recipe too =)

Hon, thank you again for offering to get the Kindle for me. I will pass on it this time ... can I ask for something else instead? =)

joyeee said...

Hey dets,

I remember you wanted this so badly ever since before...but I also know how much you like reading books. (remember in Manila we keep buying those romance novel books that I keep borrowing and how you'd try to keep those books neat and clean as possible with no folds...haha) I think you could do without the Kindle. But it's up to you! :)

leslie ty said... no Kindle for now? Is that the final decision? =)