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Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Hungry

Like my sister, Joy, I have an obsession with taking pictures of really good meals I've enjoyed. Which is why I found myself getting hungry while browsing through pictures on our camera. Let me share them here and I'm sure you'll find yourself getting hungry too:

This is the shrimp scampi I made the other night when we had Auntie Julie, Uncle Raniel and my cousin, Vince, over for dinner. Yes, I made this dish and it turned out very well (you can all get over your shock now).

Minced pork in lettuce cups (Jasmine Restaurant, San Diego). I love lettuce cups and have had some really good ones from all over. I think it's really the hoisin sauce that makes it so good though.

Thai Chicken Curry (Soho Fusion Restaurant in Lomita). So yummy cause it's spicy too.

Nachos (Cozymel Restaurant in El Segundo). Really good when shared with friends or not. =)

This is a chili overload - chili cheeseburger and chili fries. Surprisingly this was really good considering we had it at the cafeteria at the Reagan Library. Good food for a "museum" cafeteria is pretty surprising.

Tomato basil soup and grilled tomato and mozzarella sandwich (Panera in Sta. Monica). Mom's ultimate comfort food.

Our family favorite. Soon Tofu Soup (Tofu House in Torrance). Perfect on a cold and windy night. Just crack an egg in it and you're ready to go!

Paella from Cafe Cuba (down the block from where we live). But for even better paella, I love the Spanish version from La Espanola in Harbor City.

So, did I make you hungry or what???


mom said...

Am drooling at the sight of all those food. Seriously though you should try more cooking. You have a knack for it and it really is healthier than eating out so often. Have fun but be careful!

leslie Ty said...

it's already 2am and you made me hungry =(

Can't wait to visit you in October...can we try everything???? =)

Joanne said...

Les, Of course we can eat in every one of those places ... and more! Maybe you should warn Joce na. And let Jogo, Meme and Ginger know what they are going to be missing if they don't come! =)

leslie Ty said...

GREAT idea Jo =) i think they should read this post para they can start preparing for the US trip =) you really know them =)

meme co said...

hey jo! its my first visit to your site and you made me hungry!!!=) i 'm really crossing my fingers that i can go with les! =) i'm suppose to go on a small meals thingy but seeing these pics made me rethink what i'll be missin!haha..your shrimp scampi looks delicious! can i have the recipe? =)

joyeee said...

Looks good dets! :) (you copied my style of taking pictures of all the food...hahaha)