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Sunday, June 28, 2009

How We Spent Our Weekend

Guess what we did this weekend. Here's a clue:

Yup, we had a garage sale. We decided it would be a great idea to find new owners for all the stuff we have outgrown, gotten tired of and no longer need ... plus it definitely doesn't hurt to make some extra cash too. We posted several of these signs around our neighborhood and I even posted online ads.

In preparation for this sale, I scoured our garage, attic, closets, cabinets and every nook and cranny in our home to find suitable things to sell. We made sure we were selling quality stuff. Not junk. I came up with quite a haul. Clothes, shoes, bags, dinnerware, books, bead jewelry, small appliances, decorative knick-knacks, pillows, towels, candles, and even some furniture pieces. Jojo even threw in a couple of computer parts and accessories. We set up the driveway leading to the garage this way:

On Saturday, Jojo, Atsi (who was here for a week), and I manned the sale. On Sunday, my brother-in-law, Mark, came over to help too. We came up with a pricing system so we didn't have to keep answering the same questions regarding price. Here is our pricing system:

The night before we stuck stickers with the corresponding colors to each item. On the day of the sale, this proved really helpful since people could figure out for themselves how much each item cost. They all said it was very efficient. Our individual tasks were clear. I was in charge of greeting and mingling with customers and giving additional discounts (you can not imagine how cut-throat garage sale negotiations can be - you could literally make or break a sale by giving an additional 25-cent discount!). When I had a buyer, I would turn him/her over to Atsi. She was in charge of taking their money and giving them the right change. Lastly she would turn the customer over to Jojo and Mark. They would bag the item and help carry packages to their car. I think it worked well since we had no complaints and lots of happy customers. Many of them would even stay and chat. Especially those Filipinos who would find out we were Filipinos too.

We did pretty ok too. Almost $300.00. Plus another $250.00 if and when the guy who is getting some computer stuff from Jojo comes back with the cash on Monday. He was really interested since he spent more than an hour talking to Jojo. I guess he just wasn't planning to spend that kind of money at a garage sale. What can I say? My hubby is a born salesman!

So it turned out to be a pretty good weekend. We all had a good time, made new neighborhood friends, got rid of things we had lying around the house, and made some money while not really having to work too hard. We also convinced some of our neighbors to join us next year. Our plan is to make this an annual block-wide garage sale. Hopefully then we'll double the fun and the money too. =)


mom said...

Congratulations! That was a fun and very productive weekend. I would have loved to be there and help you guys out. Joy is planning a similar sale here at home this weekend. Wish us luck! I am sure dad must be having a grand time watching his family so busy with garage sales going on on opposite parts of the globe on successive weekends.

Auntie Lillian said...

Congratulations on your successful garage sale. You did very well and organized too . Another feather on your cap, Joanne.

leslie Ty said...

Congratulations Jo =) I'm so proud of you, atsi, jojo and Mark =) great team work! I think you should go out and celebrate !!!

I should also do a garage mom will love me for it because it will help us get rid of all the old stuff (those we don't want to throw out coz sayang...but after 10 yrs...nandyan pa rin =) )

Good luck to Joy and Auntie Judy =) I hope I can drop by and give them support =)

Joanne said...

Hi Mom. I am sure Joy's garage sale will be a success. I remember I had one when I was still living at home. My friends (Mina, Muriel, and Ence) stayed over to help out pa nga and we made a lot of money! =) Good luck!

Hi Auntie Lillian. Looking forward to seeing you and Uncle Junior this weekend =)

Hey Les, yes, go ahead and have a garage sale. I'm sure you'll have a blast and make your mom happy too. Plus knowing you, am sure you have lots of great things to sell =) Maybe you should wait for me to come home and I can help you out - we can get the whole gang together! =) BTW, I am so disappointed, I can't comment on your multiply site anymore. I need to open a multiply account pa to do so. =(

Leslie Ty said...

Jo!!! that's a great idea! =) i'll wait for will be super fun plus...i need all the help I can get...I don't know where to start =)

Oo need to have an account in mutiply to make a comment =( no can e-mail me na lang if you want to make a comment hehehe =) mas private pa =)

joyeee said...

hey dets! i'll be having one this sunday and monday na!:) Good job to you...hope we earn that amount too in peso! haha:) btw, the sites name is

Jen CC said...

joanne, i just had to check this out. i've since been "hanging" with your mom (at your place, with all their kabarkadas, including my mom) for acupuncture. she was making kwento about this one time.

oh, and i'd buy from joy, except...all her clothes are too small and nothing can fit me! if lincoln makes me payat, i will buy!