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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Just when I can't think of another reason to love my husband even more ... he's taking me to watch the Broadway musical, CATS, at the Pantages Theater! I am so excited beyond words. I love musical theater but haven't had the chance to watch Cats yet. That may be somewhat strange considering it is one of the longest running and probably one of the most well known musicals.

Well, now I am going to go see it. It's a date. Next Saturday at 8:00 pm. Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I can't wait ... I hope the next 5 days just fly by!


mom said...

Enjoy! I can hardly wait for your comment on the musical, and also how your night at the Pantages turned out.

joyeee said...

cool! cats is showing here too but im not sure if it'll be a good one so havent bought tickets... cant wait to read you blog about the musical so I'll know if i'll watch it too!:) have fun dets:)

thanks jojo for taking dets. she really loves watching plays- thanks for surprising her and accompanying her too!:)